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All owners of taxed vehicles, including some classes of motorcycles and public transportation, They have the obligation to pay the tax on those motor vehicles.

In the case of motorcycle owners with cylinder capacity greater than 125 cc, they must comply with this obligation, which must be paid annually. The rest They only have to pay the traffic light rights, which is equivalent to two (2) SMDLV, which by 2022 is equivalent to $67,000.

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How much tax do I owe on my motorcycle?

In Bogotá, the entity in charge of collecting the vehicle tax is the District Secretary of Finance, and to calculate the total amount to pay, it must be taken into account that:

In accordance with the provisions of the Law, the price is calculated according to the tax base established annually by the Ministry of Transportation. In addition, the brand, model, cylinder capacity and other characteristics of the vehicle are also taken into account.

To know the amount of the taxable base, you only have to enter to the web portal of the Tax Base Information System or type the requested data.

Steps to consult the taxes of a motorcycle

To consult the taxes of a motorcycle in Bogotá there are two options: without and with registration in the Ministry of Finance.

Steps without registration:

  • Enter the page of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Click on the button ‘download your property bill and vehicle 2022’.
  • Then select ‘vehicles’ in the tax box.
  • Enter the identity document number and the license plate number of your vehicle, which must be in capital letters.
  • Finally, select ‘search’.
  • A page will be displayed with the pending obligations.

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Steps with record

  • Enter the page of the Ministry of Finance.
  • Click on the ‘virtual office’ tab.
  • Select the ‘Vehicle Tax’ button.
  • Then, select the icon ‘enter the new virtual office’, and write your username and password (remember that now your username is the email you registered). And ready.

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