STIA Arroyito in front of ARCOR

During the last days the Union of Food Workers carries out a claim in front of one of the goals company Arcor in Arroyito, due to the mistreatment that workers have been suffering before Human Resources of the firm.

STIA Arroyito in front of ARCOR (STIA Press/)

The union secretary Guillermo Farnochi in front of goal 1 made reference to the claim in Arroyito Informa Channel 3 “we had the compliance of 100% of all the plants of the complex what exposes nonconformity that the workers have.

They are mistreating the workers the reference of Human Resources cutting the wages of workers, they don’t pay him for the hours that correspond to them and then they keep them going around until they pay it in two or three months, the issue of categories and union persecution”.

Finally he added “This measure is for an indefinite period we will continue here”.

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