A house search took place in the Zavelstraat on Friday.

A house search took place in the Zavelstraat on Friday. © hsb

The search Friday in the investigation into the triple murder in Kessel-Lo did not lead to a breakthrough. A suspected local resident has been released by the investigating judge. The man denies and there is insufficient evidence.

Marc Klifman

For a moment it seemed that a breakthrough was on the way in the mysterious murder of Anita D. (54), her son Wesley P. (23) and their roommate Rikki J. (47), who was stabbed almost two months ago. were brought to life in the Zavelstraat in Kessel-Lo. The Leuven court made two house searches on Friday, in which a local resident – who lives only ten houses away – was taken for questioning. The house of his parents, who live nearby, was also combed.

But the public prosecutor confirms on Saturday that the arrested local resident has now been released again. “The investigating judge has decided that,” says public prosecutor Sarah Callewaert. “The man denies completely and there are insufficient elements to further deprive him of his freedom. The investigation is still ongoing and is now continuing.”

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A man and a woman were also questioned in the week after the triple murder, but they were released again shortly afterwards.

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