Rafael de Sousa Leite at the Civil Police station.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)
Rafael de Sousa Leite at the Civil Police station. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Three months after being sentenced to 11 years in prison for the rape of 12 women, Rafael de Sousa Leite, 31, was arrested in Dourados, 233 kilometers from Campo Grande. While he was still on the run, Rafael broke into the residence of a housewife in the Capital who now breathes a sigh of relief to see justice being done.

Raisa Miure Souza Pereira, 34, was with her 4-year-old son, who is autistic, at home when she had her property invaded by the maniac, in the Rita Vieira neighborhood. It was 1 am on May 3 when the woman woke up with the criminal opening the window of her residence.

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Rafael entered the place jumping over the wall and said he was running from the police. When warning that he was going to call 911, the abuser still insinuated. “I know you want it too, open the door girl”, Rafael said. The criminal still tried to open the doors and windows, but managed to escape before the Military Police arrived. On the walls of the property were the marks of the maniac’s hands and feet.

Traumatized, Raisa had to move to her mother-in-law’s house, as she could no longer stay at home after the incident. The same would have happened with her son, who, according to her, has become more withdrawn since the event.

The crime of domestic violation was registered by Raisa at DEAM (Specialized Police Station for Assistance to Women) in the Capital. From the unit the case was transferred to the 4th DP (Police Station) in Moreninhas, which since then suspected that the intruder could be Rafael. Last Saturday, however, Rafael was arrested and after sharing information between the Civil Police of the Capital and Dourados, Raisa recognized that the fugitive arrested inside was the same one who had invaded his residence.

“It was a big scare, I would never forget the face of this man”, says Raisa. The arrest of the maniac brings relief, but does not erase the suspicion that Rafael may have committed other crimes during the time he was on the run.

“It is a situation of public utility, it is important that it be disclosed, because he may have done this with other people”, he concludes.

confessed – The rapes committed by Rafael in the Capital began to be cataloged in 2015 after the Deam (Police Specialized in Assistance to Women) began to collect rape reports and saw common characteristics between them. The main one was the place where victims were approached, at bus stops. In front of the police, Rafael confessed to having raped 12 women in the Capital and, on March 3, he was sentenced to 11 years in prison, in a closed regime, by judge May Melke Amaral Penteado condemning

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