Darkness on an avenue in the Taveirópolis neighborhood.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)
Darkness on an avenue in the Taveirópolis neighborhood. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Several neighborhoods are still in the dark after the storm that hit the Capital, early this Saturday night (14). Most of the complaints sent to the newsroom, via straight from the streetswere made by residents of the Nova Campo Grande neighborhood, in the west of the capital.

There, the problem repeats itself every time it rains, according to readers. “Here in Nova Campo Grande, any rain is enough and the power starts to go out until the power goes out”, comments a resident. There is also no electricity at Maria Aparecida Pedrossian, Taveirópolis, Residencial Oiti, Portal Caiobá, Vivendas do Parque, Vila Nhanhá, Residencial Búzios, Panama, Santa Fe, Danube Azul and Parque dos Novos Estados.

But it’s not just at the extremes of the Capital that residents are in the dark. In Jardim dos Estados, Vila Margarida and Giocondo Orsi, there has been a power outage since the start of the storm, around 6pm.

recurring problem – Most power outages are caused by the large number of trees that fall into the power grid during storms in the Capital. That night, a tree fell on a pickup truck on Avenida Mato Grosso, near a gas station in the Vivenda do Bosque region.

At Condominio Arara Vermelha, on Rua Sant Romain, in Tijuca, a tree fell on a house and a motorcycle. Another residence was also hit on Rua Tertuliana Gersel Cataneo, in the Conjunto Residencial Mata do Jacinto. On Rua Gonçalo Alves, in Santa Fé, another tree also blocked the street.

Energisa, the concessionaire that manages energy distribution in the Capital, already has teams on the street working to restore the supply.

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