Sylvia Konior (middle) leaves Wim Opbrouck speechless.
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Sylvia Konior (middle) leaves Wim Opbrouck speechless.

The most notable participant in ‘Bake off’ is photographer Sylvia Konior from Ruiselede in West Flanders. This art photographer, known for her daring work, even leaves Wim Opbrouck speechless when she makes a surprising revelation.

After all, she holds the world record of 138 female orgasms in one hour. A few years ago she photographed herself every time she had an orgasm. In an effort to beat the female orgasm hour record. And she did that with brilliance.

Just like their predecessors, the newcomers also have to make a bust of their idol. Fatima, who has an Instagram page with 7,000 followers, wants to create an Oprah Winfrey. Dennis from Turnhout is a Bake off fan who has already seen every episode 3 times, with a notebook at the ready. He makes his football hero Axel Witsel’s haircut with a cauliflower that he covers with sugar. Elke from Limburg is a fan of Lord of the Rings and makes Sauron from cake, sugar paste and butter cream. And finally, civil servant Saskia ventures into Snow White.

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Before they start the bust, the competition opens with a Hungarian Dobos cake. An assignment that is not received with cheers.

Bake off, Play4, Wednesday at 9 p.m

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