Photo Florence Downes
Photo: Florence Downes.

Political and social organizations demanded “impeachment of the Supreme Court, the removal of its four members” and a new constitution of the country’s highest court, after a march and rally in front of the Palace of Courts, where the request for a system was also reaffirmed. of justice “democratic and independent at the service of the People”.

“This Judiciary, with this Court at its head, throughout this time, has validated a system of injustice such as had never been seen before in Democracy and thus paid tribute, with ease, to the rupture of the democratic pact that had been sealed by society. all, after the darkest night in its history,” said a statement read as the closing of the concentration in Plaza Lavalle.

The text was agreed upon by all the civil, trade union, political and human rights organizations that massively occupied the surroundings of the Palace of Courts, headquarters on the fourth floor of the Supreme Court.

Mothers of Plaza de Mayo Founding Line, Relatives of Disappeared and Detained for Political Reasons, HIJOS Capital, Relatives and companions of the 12 of the Holy Cross, APDH, Ecumenical Movement for Human Rights (MEDH) and the Argentine League for Rights participated. Humans (LADH).

Photo Florence Downes
Photo: Florence Downes.

The Federal Workers Current of the CGT and the Trade Union Front of the CGT also attended, as well as social and political organizations, including the Front for Work and Dignity Milagro Sala and La Cámpora, as well as legislators from the Frente de Todos (FdT), religious, feminist and political groups.

“A judiciary of these characteristics produces a weariness in us that can only be remedied through a profound reform, to which we continue to aspire,” said the document, which questioned the current justice system that, because it is “guarantor of the privileges of a few, away from the real problems of society” and that “does not prioritize attention to the victims and ignores or denies the existing asymmetries in terms of gender, ethnic groups, age and social status”.

The signatories also stressed that “confidence in justice will only be recovered when it is finally made up of qualified, independent, upright judges who are sensitive to social reality and deeply committed to the human rights paradigm.”

Photo Florence Downes
Photo: Florence Downes.

“We are summoned by a higher objective, the defense of Democracy and the institutions of the rule of law, which cost us so much to achieve. We mobilize for the removal of the current members of the Supreme Court of Justice. We ask the Congress of the Nation to sanction a law that expands the number of its members, and that it does so with gender parity,” they remarked.

They even called for a “popular consultation to support the initiative, in defense of the institutions, the rule of law and the Democracy that we deserve.”

The demonstration occupied the surroundings of the Palace of Courts, where a stage was set up at the intersection of Tucumán and Talcahuano and the actors Alejandra Darín and Daniel Fanego read the document, in which the mentions of former President Mauricio Macri and the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, received whistles and boos.

“It is the Court that validated the school presence ordered by Rodríguez Larreta in the City (…) from the comfort of their homes they sent millions of people to the streets, with the consequences that we all knew later, in three months we had the same number of deaths from Covid-19 than in the entire year 2020,” the text said.

Something similar happened when the members of the Court, presided over by Horacio Rosatti, were appointed, and chants resounded asking “for the four members of the high court to leave.”

“We demand the immediate removal of Horacio Rosatti, Carlos Rosenkrantz, Juan Carlos Maqueda and Ricardo Lorenzetti, the four members of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation,” the document said.

Photo Florence Downes
Photo: Florence Downes.

It was also underlined that “the prison of Milagro Sala and her colleagues from Tupac Amaru in Jujuy, to cite one of the most emblematic and extended examples over time, constitutes the most obscene expression of a justice system subjected to will of economic power and concentrated groups”.

The deputy and secretary of the CTA, Hugo Yasky, who took the stage and asked for a minute of applause in tribute to the historic metallurgical trade unionist from Santa Fe, Victorio Paulón, who died today, considered that there is “a situation of absolute anomaly that must be resolved within the of democracy”.

“Unfortunately, we know of a justice tied to economic power, on its knees before the powerful, and I think we have to fight so that this utopia of independent justice becomes a reality,” Yasky told Télam during the protest.

To support the claim, the convening organizations mentioned as an example the “arbitrary arrests of union leaders in San Nicolás and the unjustified convictions of workers and union leaders in different provinces.”

Also present in the document was the “forced disappearance of Santiago Maldonado” and the ruling that “allowed the extradition of Facundo Molares, at the request of the Colombian State,” but they stressed that “the Blaquier case is the most emblematic” for having been “paralyzed “, without guaranteeing a “reparation to the victims”.

Ricardo Peidró, of the Autonomous CTA, told this agency that “a truly democratic society with justice like the one that works in Argentina cannot be conceived.”

Legislator Eduardo Valdés, also present at the demonstration, declared: “I don’t want a Court of my political thought, I want a Court that represents all citizens; the Court moves to the rhythm of the judicial family, which is more permanent than political power.

Photo Florence Downes
Photo: Florence Downes.

“It is a claim that is becoming generalized and in the face of a political conflict, the citizenry is the only one that can resolve it through a popular consultation,” deputy Leopoldo Moreau evaluated in turn.

In the forceful document read this afternoon, the organizations also warned that “there are hundreds of resources and thousands of cases that sleep in the offices of the judges of this Court, waiting for a resolution that never arrives or arrives late.”

And they assured that it is “a Judiciary that is ruthless with the humble and always friendly with white-collar crime, of those who hold economic power.”

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