Strong criticism of Lizzo for using the word 'spaz' in new single

© Owen Sweeney/Invision/AP

American singer Lizzo has been criticized a lot for her new single grrrls the word ‘Spaz’ is used, which is not appreciated in people who have conditions with spasticity.

In her new single grrrls Lizzo sings the following: “Hold my bag, bitch, hold my bag / Do you see this shit? I’ma spaz.” ‘Spaz’, as Lizzo may have meant, is slang for someone who has a short fuse and acts a bit crazy when he or she is angry. But it is also used as a swear word against people who suffer from spasticity, for example people with cerebral palsy.

The single has already received a lot of criticism. “This is shocking,” said Abbie Hills, a talent scout with cerebral palsy. “Why do you choose that word when there are so many alternatives? This is completely wrong.” Other fans also criticize Lizzo’s choice of words and ask for the text to be changed. There has been no response from Lizzo or her label for the time being.

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