Strong winds and voltage variations caused by companies cause blackouts in Celaya

Celaya, Guanajuato.- The power outages that have been registered in recent days in Celaya are due to the strong winds Already voltage variations caused by companies that are installed to the north of the city.

This was reported by the mayor, Javier Mendoza Marquez after having a meeting with authorities of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE)led by the head of the Celaya zone, Jose Luis Gonzalez Solomonto whom he asked to try to regularize the problem.

There is a lot of variation in voltage, yesterday (Tuesday) it was very windy and it seems that they told me that it was one of the reasons why the voltage was varying here in some neighborhoods and communities and in communities in the north the problem is that there are some companies , that at a certain moment, when motors and equipment start up that have and pull too much light and unprotect lines for domestic use”, he explained.

At least 14 neighborhoods have had power outages in recent days. Photo: Archive

Blackouts reported in Celaya

During the last two weeks, residents of several colonies and communities of Celaya have reported blackouts that can last a few minutes or several hours in addition to voltage variations affecting household appliances.

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The reports have been colonies such as Pinos, Alameda, Gran Hacienda, La Herradura, Real de Arboledas, Lagos, Suiza, Paseo del Campestre, Villas del Benavente, La Misión, Los Álamos, Emiliano Zapata, Residencial Tecnológico, San Juanico and communities such as San Juan de la Vega, Rincón de Tamayo, among others.

On Tuesday night, residents of the neighborhoods Gold Zone Y sunflowers they reported that they had been without power for three hours.

On Tuesday night, residents of the Zona de Oro and Girasoles neighborhoods reported that they had been without power for three hours. Photo: Archive

Companies demand electricity

Javier Mendoza pointed out that there are companies that are suing increased production and electrical energy what could be causing these problems; however, so far there are no reports of damage to companies due to these blackouts.

It is not a lack of electricity, what happens is that the forces need to be balanced so that we do not have so many voltage variations, if there is enough energy, we do not have an energy problem”, he commented.

The Mayor of Celaya, Javier Mendoza, ruled out damage to the municipal infrastructure due to these blackouts. Photo: Archive

The Mayor of Celaya admitted that this situation has also affected electricity cuts in Street lighting of the city, but said there has been no damage to the municipal infrastructure.

Finally, Javier Mendoza said he did not know if it is necessary to renew the infrastructure that the CFE in the town.

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