“Stunned”, Macron is “desperately” looking for support

The stake amounts to 45 seats. This is the number of votes missing in the National Assembly for Emmanuel Macron to legislate freely. And it is also this gap which is at the origin of a frenzy of consultations at the Élysée since Tuesday, June 21, reports the foreign press.

Especially since, at the same time, the young Nupe deputies were engaged in a photo session on the steps of the National Assembly. “This sums up the complexity of the new French political landscape”, notice El Mundo, in Spain.

“Hinders of ruling in circles”

In the words of Times, in London, Emmanuel Macron was “stunned” after the legislative results. As of yesterday, at the Élysée, “he courted the leaders of the moderate parties to win their support and avoid a stalemate, after his centrist party lost an absolute majority in Parliament”.

Mission: get out of the rut, also notice The evening. In the eyes of the Belgian daily, this is “gauging the state of mind of each of the opposition forces. And, if necessary, [de] give them the mistigri of the impediments to governing in circles. Emmanuel Macron regained control two days after the elections.

Only, for the time being, no one wishes to endorse

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