Such is the war in Ukraine up close, the Index war correspondent has returned

According to Dániel Kiss, at the beginning of the war – although the Internet and the mobile network were working – it was very difficult to get accurate information about the status of the war from Ukrainian sources. It later emerged that the Ukrainian military leadership deliberately failed to inform the Russians on the basis of this, where serious resistance awaited them.

Such is the war in Ukraine up close, the Index war correspondent has returned

It was only later, it became clear, says the Index’s war correspondent, that the Ukrainians had drawn a genius at the beginning of the war.

The news was that fighting had taken place in the suburbs of Kyiv, about 25 kilometers from the center of the capital. And the Ukrainian army systematically blew up the introductory sections of the highways, the bridges leading to the city, the introductory routes in front of the Russian forces approaching the city, to prevent tanks and heavy armored personnel from breaking into Kiev.

And near Irpiny, a reservoir was blown up by the locals so as not to endanger the residential buildings, but the area became so muddy and swampy that Russian tanks had to make a huge detour.

According to our correspondent, the units of the Russian army commanded in Ukraine include various ethnic groups in the country. The farther the troops came from Ukraine, the less sympathy they had for the Ukrainians, so they had the highest levels of cruelty to civilians. And these were the bourgeois soldiers, who were most dreaded in the occupied territories.

The site of the Bucsa massacre must be imagined

as if we were walking near Budapest, Érd or Budaörs, a fully equipped modern garden city that has been built in the last 15 years. Some say it was a planned, ordered massacre aimed at intimidating the Ukrainians. Others say the killing could be blamed on either the Wagner Group, the Russian secret service, or Syrian volunteers.

We also talked about the following in the show:

  • Why was there a shortage of goods in Kiev right at the beginning of the war?
  • Why did the Ukrainians keep the railway lines from Kiev to the west like the light of their eyes?
  • Does the crashing rocket really always arrive when the anti-aircraft sirens sound?
  • Did people have money left in the big cities after two months?
  • Did mobile networks and the Internet work in Kiev during the war?
  • How did the war change the everyday life of the Ukrainians?
  • It is a chance to see where the Russians can move in Ukraine after the occupation of the eastern territories.

Daniel Kiss said Ukrainian soldiers serving in the south had confirmed to his question that they were indeed preparing and anticipating an extension of the Russian invasion along the Black Sea, and it was not ruled out that the Russians might return to Kyiv in time. That is, Ukraine is preparing for a protracted war.

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(Cover image: András Siklós and Dániel Kiss. ​​Photo: Tímea Karip / Index)

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