Such is when the lights are turned off and the shadows come to life

The five-day independent adult puppet festival is organized within the framework of the Budapest Spring Festival – it can be read in the announcement of the Budapest Puppet Theater to MTI. As they write, the sequence of events is Under construction couple talking around the puppet It begins with a conference entitled “and then continues with guest lectures in the evenings at the Country Lili Studio. In front of the pieces in the hall Reported speech There will be talks related to the performances of the festival.

Helga Lázár on May 5 at 7 p.m. It Depends and the following evening a joint production of the Sándor Weöres Theater and the Puppet Theater He calls the monster are played. The piece recommended for those over 14 is one

a surreal inner journey of guilt, passing away, and letting go; finding a way out of the maze of a lifelong trauma

– are written in the description of the piece. As highlighted, the performance won the Glass Mountain Award for Best Youth Theater Production at the 10th ASSITEJ International Children’s and Youth Theater Biennale in Kaposvár.

On May 6 and 8, the Hard Henry Hall will become a puppet playground. In the Laboratory program for adults, the puppet theater is an experimental field where players can model their own world under the guidance of director Károly Hoffer and theater teacher Viktória Végvári. On May 7th A short history of our time can be seen in the Country Lili Studio. In the story of Dóra Gimesi, the presence of young actors creates the paradox of old age:

The soul would still soar, the brain, the imagination, the spirit would still function as before, but the aging body would constantly remind man of the end of life.

The relationship between old puppets and young movers can create a puppet theater form in which both the pain of passing away and the bizarre humor inherent in old-fashioned struggles appear.

On May 8, there will be a performance called The Grand Hotel, a special meeting point for literature, the fine arts and theater. The production can be seen in the performance of the MárkusZínház by viewers over 14 years of age. The festival ends with one of the most artistic works of Kálmán Mikszáth: a one-man performance by Mariann Fabók, The black cock it shines on

how shocking it is in everyday life for someone to be able to live and act according to the moral values ​​proclaimed in the temple.

The Budapest Puppet Theater is also launching its latest program for children as part of the Budapest Spring Festival. The Night at the Puppet Theater is a real “party” for students aged 10-12. On the night of May 14, they can take a look behind the scenes, see what it’s like when the theater goes silent, the lights are turned off on stage, and the shadows come to life.

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