Cat that died of poisoning in a supermarket.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

Former manager claims that alleged false report was made by former employee who would be trying to get revenge

Cat that died of poisoning in a supermarket. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

The death of a cat poisoned with lead, resulted in the dismissal of the manager of a supermarket, in Ponta Porã, 313 kilometers from Campo Grande, this Friday (05). Two company employees told the Civil Police that the manager gave them an order to poison the cats that roamed the company. The former manager claims that the poison was for rats. The three employees were charged with the crime of mistreatment, whose penalty ranges from 2 to 5 years in prison as a result of the death of the animal.

In a video that circulates on social media, the former manager complains, in tears, of not having had the opportunity to explain himself. “The company didn’t even give me the opportunity to defend myself, to listen to me, it went and sent me away and even published a note of repudiation, in front of everyone”, he says. The pellet was spread throughout the company inside pieces of sausage to attract rodents, says the former manager.

Chumbinho inside one of the sausage pieces.  (Photo: Straight from the Streets)
Chumbinho inside one of the sausage pieces. (Photo: Straight from the Streets)

“It’s a complicated situation that I’m living in. I have a family, the company took me out of the state where I lived. I lost my son, I was in a coma for ten days, 23 days in the ICU to get here and be threatened with death, my family being threatened, I don’t deserve it,” says the former manager, crying on video.

In the video, the man claims that the woman who would have taken the photos of the dead cat is a former supermarket employee who is trying to get revenge on him. That’s because, according to the former manager of the supermarket, he would have sent the alleged former employee away during the probation period, because she was not “performing”.

Despite denying having had the cat poisoned in the video, the former manager was silent during testimony at the 1st Civil Police station in Ponta Porã, the report found.

Complaint – The Civil Police received a report that a cat had been killed in the supermarket warehouse, still in the morning. Accompanied by experts, the SIG (General Investigations Sector) team from Ponta Porã went to the scene and, after carrying out the surveys, opened an investigation to investigate the circumstances of the poisoning.

According to the preliminary investigation of the police, at the behest of the manager, a supermarket employee would have bought the poison in Paraguay and delivered it to another employee. This last official is the one who would have put the poison in sausages and left it for the cats to eat. The investigation continues and the police are now awaiting the result of the expertise carried out on the photos received and at the place where the poisoning allegedly took place.

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