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A Circuits consultancy survey of Pablo Romá, specialized in the province of Buenos Aires, began to measure candidates for the 2023 elections and segmented between the ruling party and the opposition, revealing a broad leadership of the vice president Cristina Kirchner in the Front of All and a parity between Mauricio Macri, Patricia Bullrich Y Horacio Rodriguez Larreta in Together for Change.

The report carried out between June 9 and 11 on 1,396 cases in Buenos Aires revealed that Cristina Kirchner leads with the 43.9% and just second place, with Alberto Fernandezis more than 25 points, with 17.8%.

Then they add the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Serge Massa (8.8%), the Buenos Aires governor, Axel Kicillo (6.6%), other (4.1%), Eduardo“Wado” by Peter (3.3%) and Maximo Kirchner (2.9%). The undecided reach 12.6%.

According to a survey, Milei’s image fell and Gerardo Morales is the governor with the most positive image

On the other hand, the consultant inquired among the voters of Together for Change in 2019, who is the best prepared candidate in that space to be president. The responses placed former President Mauricio Macri first with 28.6%followed by Patricia Bullrich with 26.2% and Horacio Rodríguez Larreta with 21.4%.

Below are added Facundo Manes (10.3%), Maria Eugenia Vidal (3.1%), Alfredo Cornejo (2.9%), other (2.4%) and undecided (5.1%).

survey circuits 16062022

Likewise, before the general consultation without segmenting by spaces of who is the candidate with whom they feel identified the most, the surveys detailed who wins “none”, with 24.2%and Cristina Kirchner follows with 20.2%. Then, Macri (16.2%), Larreta (13.5%), Javier Milei (9.8%), Alberto Fernandez (5.1%), Sergio Massa (4.2%), Nicolas del Cano (3.5%) and Guillermo Moreno (3.3%).

Evaluation of the government of Alberto Fernández and the economic context

Beyond the image of the affinity with each candidate, the consultancy measured the management of Alberto Fernández, who first produced negative results: “The 65.7% of those interviewed describe the country’s situation as negative while 15.6% do so in a positive way”.

What does the survey closest to Kirchnerism say about the image of Alberto Fernández

For 33.1%, the increase in prices is the main problem of the present and the 55.8% consider that the main responsible is the Government“, they added.

Also, the 57.3% respond that the Government’s policies do not benefit anyone“.

Finally, they concluded with a general pessimism: “The 54.6% consider that their economic situation in the coming months may worsen, and 20.9% think it can improve. The 36.8% consider that their state of mind regarding the future is pessimistic and 24.2% uncertain“.


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