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Survivor, Carlos Moisés leads the race for the governorship of Santa Catarina

Resignation is 'see you soon' and a gesture to help the PSDB and the country, says Doria

The governor Carlos Moses (Republicans)who survived two impeachment proceedings, leads the race for re-election to the government of Santa Catarinaaccording to a survey carried out between June 10th and 13th and released this Tuesday, 14th, by the Paraná Research Institute.

According to the survey, Moisés has 25.4% of voting intentions and leads in isolation. Then, technically, the senator appears Jorginho Mello (PL), with 15.5%; the also senator Hope Amin (PP), with 12.1%; and the former mayor of Florianópolis Gean Loureiro (Union Brazil), with 10.6%. The margin of error is plus or minus 2.5 percentage points.

Just below comes another platoon formed by the senator Dario Berger (PSB), with 5.3%; the former federal deputy Decio Lima (PT), with 5.3%; the former mayor of Jaraguá do Sul Antidio Lunelli (MDB), with 4.9%; the former prosecutor Odair Tramontin (New), with 1.5%; and former public defender Ralph Zimmer (Pros)with 0.6%.

Among those interviewed, 9.1% stated that they will vote blank, in none or annul the vote and 9.7% did not know or did not respond.

Lawyer and military firefighter, Carlos Moisés was one of the surprises of the Bolsonarista wave that swept the country in 2018 and was elected governor by the PSL in his political debut, with 71% of the votes in the second round. But he had a tumultuous government and survived two impeachment proceedings, which led to his removal from office on two occasions, between October and November 2020 and between March and May 2021 – in the second process, he escaped by one vote.

Moisés also alternated his relationship with Bolsonarismo, which was from support at the beginning to serial clashes during the term and a rapprochement in this year’s election. Despite this, the candidate of Bolsonaro’s party, the PL, in the state is Senator Jorginho Mello.

The survey was carried out with 1,540 voters through personal interviews in 62 municipalities and was registered with the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) under nº BR-02099/2022.

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