Susana Giménez will not judge Jorge Rial

Always Susana Gimenez it’s news and noteros seek their word at any time in their professional and personal lives. But in recent months there has been talk of the diva because of the crossing that she had, or has, with the journalist Jorge rial.

to the former intruders He was asked about Giménez and his theatrical season in Punta del Este, to which he said that whenever Argentines try to do theater in Uruguay, things go wrong for them. The cameras quickly went for the blonde’s reaction and got a gesture and a phrase against Jorge that sparked the fight.

Jorge Rial destroyed Susana Giménez again and assured that he is at the end of his career: “He is unassailable”

Rial took advantage of his minutes of radio airtime to target Su and said: “She was always gorilla. Always. She did something only scoundrels do; used a disabled person to pay less. What happens is that here everything is forgiven and forgotten. She’s out, off axis. She has a devotion to ignorance and they forgive her everything.” He also spoke of judicial scandals of the driver and her political links with the Macri administration.

For her part, Susana said that she was going to sue him for his statements and that she called the lawyer Ferdinand Mocking to initiate legal proceedings. But all this came to nothing when she was consulted a few days ago about this conflict and reluctantly denied the trial. Is it the end of the scandal?


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