Sergio Berni spoke of the repression in La Plata
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The phone rang, Martin Insaurralde answered, Cristina was calling. Upsetas so often, the Vice reproached him to the sheikh of Lomas de Zamora and minister of Kicillof that his wife Jesica Cirio was exhibited with fanfare in the stands of the World Cup along with another stunning companion. It was Tuesday morning. Kirchner’s widow is no longer trying to prohibit the official cast of her province from avoiding Qatar, at least she wants to reduce the fuss of soccer tourism exhibited in photographs and videos.

Cristina was checked by the experience of the adolescent Massa and some of his irrepressible legislators before the ball, he fears that personal exuberances will hurt his political campaign. But the female phone call encountered the same anxieties from the same receiver: for him it is also hard to limit someone who, like the hyperactive model on TV, achieved social, political and economic advancement thanks to the ostentation of her qualities. Every citizen has a Cristina at home.

restricted suction

More than one imagines that the Vice would not deal with these tourist trifles to control the lives of other women and understands that his intervention, in any case, is related to the debauchery of a internal bid in the Buenos Aires government between the same Insaurralde, other mayorsand the person in charge of Security, Sergio Berni. A fire that can become cyclopean due to the alternatives in dance: it They attribute malpractice to the official, little control of the Buenos Aires, exaggerated personal publicity and now, minimal defense against a series of accusations of corruption.

At the same time, Berni says that he has come across one of the highest district chiefsfrom dialogue to an oral confrontation with folder threats about unholy activities and, at the same time, it is recognized that both the governor and the Vice herself evaluate the electoral inconvenience of the departure of the secretary. Who swears that he will not resign and that if he is fired he will lead his own business for the next elections. For Cristina as for Kicillof, this is not the time to lose votes and separate from a lightning rod that usually swallows up a large part of the storms in the province.

Sergio Berni.

The provincial burning was just taking place when she, in her last speech, alluded to the painful drama of the insecurity in the district, a subject that she had not mentioned since the time when, together with her husband and Governor Felipe Solá, they begged the engineer Blumberg to mitigate the protests because they generated institutional instability. She always worried about democracy. She now asks for gendarmes to help the police in the Conurbano, a demand that she only gratifies to those who are unaware of the nature of the crisis.

It funny is that Cristina has not spoken to Berni for many monthsdoes not answer his calls, but apparently protects him from stalking that are promoted by the mayors of the Conurbano. As if there was an invisible, secret bond between her and the military-doctor., or the fear of submitting to the advance of district chiefs interested in occupying the area and dominating the Buenos Aires Police was superior. Go one to know.

Cristina is

The link between Cristina and Berni was severed when he, furious in the last elections because they had displaced figures from his group from the candidate lists —he only managed to place his wife as deputy, Agustina Propatoa favorite of the widow—, he vented his rage in a physical altercation with Máximothe person in charge of La Cámpora for separating any applicant who was not from his sect. Berni exceeded in intimidationthe mother did not like that her son melted down in front of a karate black belt.

They don’t talk now either since a list of property and assets of the official of geometric multiplication, not declared, typical of certain habits of explicit Kirchnerism, whose diffusion some attribute to vengeful realtors because they did not pay the corresponding purchase and sale commission. Sometimes, For not paying cents, a monumental building in dollars collapses. Many of the locations denounced in Jorge Lanata’s program are located in the Bariloche area, a place Berni visits with relish and on trips with enviable stamina: he drove alone, in one go, a van without a reclining seat and, when he was Tired, he stops at a gas station for a soda and chocolate ice cream. With this energetic assistance, the endless journey continues, who usually proposes himself as a kind of steppenwolf of literature.

Juan Courel:
Cristina Kirchner.

The distance with Berni did not force Cristina to separate him from the Kicillof government. She is still attached to him by a strange magnetism. Rare. Her complaints matter less: she supports more inventoryShe is an expert in this type of experience, she knows that you only have to regret and be offended by the malignancy of the media and enlarge the fortune of certain lawyers. Another reason: the Vice does not want to offer that white head to a row of mayors loaded with equity increases of the same type and that, as she thinks, they are seeking the position for a financial claim.

It is dominated by an old belief that the control of the Buenos Aires Police, close to one hundred thousand men, was sustained through a “box” and outside the budget with a large monthly contribution of twelve heads —divided in turn into 4 categories, according to the monetary characteristics of the neighborhoods—carried out exactly on the 3rd of each month. On that date, “the drawer” was regularly filled. This collection version, based on enabling unholy activities such as gambling, prostitution or junkyard, satisfied the wishes of the institution’s senior staff and the elementary needs of the mayors, that insatiable political caste.

The “police box It was always the object to claim with the mayors, such as the game and the Banco Provincia. Now they insist with the same attitude, especially since Máximo and his lodge associated with Insaurralde. However, as is known, this “box” of the Buenos Aires has been deformed with the expansion of the drug business and its possible economic penetration in a universe in which cadets, upon graduating from school to control the streets, earn 57,000 pesos and have medical coverage that is rejected by the majority of its enrollees. And they also have to live in the neighborhood of criminals.

Alberto cheers up, Cristina searches

Suspense for the continuity of Berni and, in particular, a challenge for the one who governs the province: Cristina. You can’t blame Alberto in this case., the little Axel is made of Teflon. It is up to her to resolve a lawsuit that has dragged on for decades, the failure in provincial justicialism has been perpetuated for decades, in which drug trafficking advanced as in Mexico without the need for the mayors to have their own police. Endless disagreements: when Antonio Cafiero had a manager who was a film director, Eduardo Duhalde hired an ad hoc plan to supplant the “damn police”, Carlos Ruckauf operated with Aldo Rico or Daniel Scioli handed over all the responsibility to the curators. The Kirchners always looked behind the stained glass window. Now it’s the other way around: she must decide, while maintaining the pact with Sergio Massa, based on the “I help you in the presidential election, you help me in the province.” But with Massa he is not enough, especially when he is fighting with Sergio Berni.

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