System Shock Remake gets impressive trailer at PC Gaming Show

It’s been a long time since the remake of System Shock was announced, as well as new gameplay snippets or news were revealed. However, during the PC Gaming Show 2022, we saw an exciting new trailer that shows more of what the classic 1994 game is turning into with modern graphics.

For those who don’t know the title, it was a very remarkable FPS in the 90’s for bringing a very good narrative for the time, in addition to bringing in a memorable way elements of horror within the sci-fi theme, something that was not common for the early 90’s. Check it out:

Despite being a cult classic, System Shock It hasn’t aged very well, something that resulted in a remake being announced many years ago. Now, with the brand new trailer, we see that the game’s atmosphere is maintained and expanded to appeal to new audiences and delight veteran fans. Another good part is that Warren Spector, who worked on the original title, is handling the production of the new game and even explained how he is improving technical parts that were limited or impossible in 1994.

Unfortunately, System Shock remake arrives only for PC and has not received a release date, but is still slated for 2022.

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