Szijjártó: We urge the immediate discovery of the war crimes committed

Peter Szijjártó attended a donors’ conference to help Ukraine, organized by Poland and Sweden, on Thursday. The head of the ministry said at the event that “Hungary is offering 37 million euros worth of assistance to Ukraine.”

In his speech, he emphasized that Hungary is in favor of Ukraine, supporting the country’s sovereignty. However, he added: Hungarians do not want the war in Ukraine, they want peace to return as soon as possible, MTI reported.

We condemn the military aggression on the part of Russia and the serious violations of human rights, and urge the immediate detection of war crimes committed

– emphasized Szijjártó, who said that “Hungary’s solidarity is proved by the fact that it has so far received 670 thousand refugees”.

The Foreign Minister explained that the assistance offered by Hungary consists of five elements:

  1. Hungary is ready to take part in the reconstruction of a school and hospital in the Kyiv region.
  2. Anyone who arrives in the western part of Ukraine before the war will provide them with mobile homes.
  3. Hungary provides a thousand scholarship places for students from Ukraine.
  4. Hungary provides care to wounded Ukrainian soldiers in Hungarian hospitals without any numerical restrictions.
  5. The country allows 130,000 children to be cared for in special hospitals.

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