Tactical Breach Wizards brings a mix of XCOM, SWAT and mages

Another very intriguing game gained new details during the PC Gaming Show 2022. Tactical Breach Wizards is a tactical game along the lines of XCOM, but that mixes all the tactical apparatus of a SWAT team, but with another theme: that of mages. The title had already been announced, but it had been a while without news.

As weird as it sounds, the military mages created a good impression in the reveal gameplay trailer. The gameplay takes a lot from the foundations of current strategy games, with a mesh of squares to move around and turns to perform actions. Check out:

Other elements of the environment can also be used to your advantage, such as explosive barrels, and of course: different spells, something that greatly changes the gameplay style in relation to other games of the genre.

Unfortunately, Tactical Breach Wizards remains without a release date, but will come to PC in the future.

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