TIE.  It was 1-1 in Sarandí (Photo: @Fotobairesarg)

Arsenal Y workshops they tied 1-1 in Sarandí, in a match on the fourth date of the Professional League tournament. The goals were made Sebastian Lomonaco penalty for locals and Gonzalo Goni against for the Cordovans.

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Arsenal-Talleres: what happened in the match

the tie was fair because it evidenced the lack of creation and definition in both of them, who have been sailing for a long time in unproductiveness, to the point that neither of them won the contest yet.

Arsenal started with a traditional 4-4-2 while the Portuguese Caixinha opted for a 4-3-1-2: that’s how they lent each other the ball in the first half, although at first both they left urgent and anxious and tried to reach the areas.

TIE. It was 1-1 in Sarandí (Photo: @Fotobairesarg)By: JAVIER GONZALEZ TOLEDO | javier gonzalez toledo

At the close of the first time, Ibáñez, inside the Córdoba area, launched a center; the ball hit Malatini’s elbow; the referee Luis Medina sanctioned without consulting VAR and Lomónaco exchanged the foul for a goal for Arsenal.

In the second half Talleres went over Arsenal and Michael Santos and Federico Girotti turned Alejandro Medina, the local goalkeeper, into a figure with a couple of interventions.

The incredible goal against Gonzalo Goñi

The Workshop draw It was the product of a Goñi “blooper”who first tried to clear and served it to Michael Santos, who defined with great quality, the ball hit the post and hit the defender to get into the goal.

Both technicians made changes and among them the entry of Facundo Kruspzky for the local and Héctor “Rayo” Fértoli for the Cordovans stood out.

The former San Lorenzo allowed the T to handle the ball and feed the strikers better and thus not give in to the pressure that put Arsenal close to Medina.

On the Kruspzky side, he had two interventions that almost gave Arsenal the victory, although only one of them required the intervention of Guido Herrera.

At the end Lomónaco wasted a golden opportunity against Herrera, when he defined very badly and only against the goalkeeper.

Arsenal-Workshops: the statistics

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