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Tamaulipas Moises Peñaloza is Mister Supranational Mexico 2022

Tamaulipas Moises Peñaloza is Mister Supranational Mexico 2022

Moses Penalozarepresentative of Tamaulipas is the new Mister Supranational Mexico 2022 and will be the one to represent our country in the international contest in Poland next July 16 beside Regina González, Miss Supranational Mexico 2022.

The grand finale of Mister Supranational 2022 which took place at the Theater Galleries from Guadalajara, Jalisco, was full of emotions, revelations, surprises and, like any show mediated by technology, technical inconveniences. Even so, the 27 contenders for the men’s Supranational title gave their all on stage.

The opening number consisted of a jungle-themed dance in which the contestants showed off their coordination skills and brought out their sexiest moves. José Miguel Naveja, the Guanajuato representativewore a camouflage suit to start his participation.

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Then those in charge of conducting the show, Ady Moss and Lezly Diazwelcomed the viewers of this final broadcast through the official Facebook channel of Miss Mexico Organization; Likewise, they pointed out that the next Mister Supranational Mexico would be “a real man who inspires positive things.”

When the emotions were just beginning, the transmission was cut but a few minutes later it was resumed; In that tenor of technical problems such as audio and image failures, a good part of the show was maintained, situations that annoyed the viewers judging by the angry emojis they sent during the malfunctions.

The qualifying jury was made up of the designer Gilberto Brizuela; Miss Karina Martin; Alejandro García, the last immediate to hold the title; Gerard Murray; Miss Jalisco and participant in Universo 2011, Karina Ontiveros; and, finally, by the fashion coordinator, Óscar Lupercio. These judges qualified aspects such as bearing, security, attitude and development of the participants.

During the week of concentration, the 27 contenders participated in social service activities in the municipality of Yerécuaro in Jalisco, such as reforestation, delivery of pantries and fundraising in which they managed to raise 150 thousand pesos that will be allocated to the purchase of hemodialysis equipment.

They also had sports challenges; in one of which, the five kilometer race, José Miguel Naveja won the first place medal. They also faced culinary, dance, runway challenges and much more.

During their presentation, each of the participants introduced themselves and highlighted the attributes of the states they represent. Some nervously, others proudly, but all very enthusiastic.

Before announcing the 12 semi-finalists, special awards were handed out. Mr. Photogenic, a medal awarded by the photographers, went to the representative of Coahuila, Said Reza. Meanwhile, the recognition of Mister Amistad went to Moisés Peñaloza from Tamaulipas.

The prizes for the best body were given, in third place to Said Reza, again; to the second place, from Veracruz, Felipe Olivares; and the first place went to Mr. Morelos, Alonso Molina.

The winners of top model challenge They went to: third place, Paco Flores, from Tlaxcala; the second place for Jalisco, Jesús Esparza and the first place went to Mr. Tamaulipas, again who was already emerging as the favorite to win the contest.

the victor ofhe multimedia challenge was also the first semifinalist and it was Mr. Chiapas, Francisco Iturralde who joined him to complete the 12 semifinalists: Mr. State of Mexico, Iván Varas; Mr. Jalisco, Jesus Esparza; Mr. Morelos, Alonso Molina; Mr. Veracruz, Felipe Olivares; Mr. Yucatan Javier Barrera; Mr. Coahuila, Said Reza; Mr. Tlaxcala, Paco Flores; Mr. Oaxaca, Stephen Rivas; Mr. Durango, Ernesto Barraza; Mr. Querétaro, Isaac Zúñiga; and Mr. Tamaulipas, Moises Penaloza.

Therefore, at this stage was eliminated Leonese José Miguel Naveja, Guanajuato representative in this 2022; however, he continued to have participation in the following segments of swimsuit and gala suit.

Other surprises of the night were starred by Regina González, Miss Supranational Mexico 2022, who presented her dance number with which she will compete in Poland; in addition to the typical costume of her titled “Mexican Lottery for the world” that made with cardboard elements made by the artist Samuel Estrada Castillejos.

Regina also received the laying down of the sash and official coronation from her predecessor. During her message, she thanked Miss Mexico Organization and to his family; Although his message was interrupted by tears, he confessed that his mission is to inspire people to dare to dream.

After the gala dress stage, the names of the five finalists: Tamaulipas, Moises Penaloza; Tlaxcala, Paco Flores; Jalisco, Jesus Esparza; Veracruz, Felipe Alvarez; and Coahuila, Said Reza.

These five boys underwent the round of questions where they were asked questions such as: What does aspirational and inspirational mean to you? What would you say to those who believe that beauty pageants are superficial? And how would you encourage inclusion?

Tyra Leea singer from Paso Texas, was the musical guest who performed The Jaguar Dance before naming the big winner.

While, alex garcia He made his last catwalk as Mister Supranational who reached the final in Poland 2018. The young man gave a hopeful message to the more than 1,600 viewers in the live broadcast on Facebook and to the 27 applicants of the 2022 edition of this contest.

The long-awaited moment arrived and Regina González, Varo Vargas and Alex García were in charge of delivering the auriazul band and the trophy to Mister Supranational México 2022, Moises Penaloza, Mr. Tamaulipas who was thrown into the air by his companions as a celebration.

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