Tantra: walk a path with an open mind.  (Photo: Adobe Stock)

More and more people are approaching the tantra as a path of self-knowledge and evolution. However, there are still many prejudices and misunderstood information. This philosophy of life can transform us on unthinkable levels.

“How can practicing Tantra change our lives?” I asked Lucia Mishquila Brichta, a renowned therapist who has been accompanying individual and group processes for many years. “Each person is unique. Depending on where you are in your life and what you need to experience, the practice will accompany you in your process in a certain way. In many cases, it helps us choose partners that are more in tune with our energy and with our mission”.

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We begin to build more reciprocal bonds with each other and with ourselves and make decisions from a place with more fire and soul, from the desire and the heart. We allow ourselves to choose what and to whom we dedicate our time and attention, and we allow ourselves to ask ourselves if we are living authentically. Our way of being in life is changing. We are more present, more satisfied and more connected. We expand our capacity to be moved, because we reconnect with our place of sensitivity and vulnerability.

The specialist who accompanies people and couples of all kinds of sexual orientation in different processes explains some key concepts.

– Help me banish prejudices and misconceived ideas. What is not Tantra?

– Tantra It is not a set of techniques to have better sexual encounters.. Many people think that it is something oriented only to sexuality, to postpone or avoid ejaculation. Of course there are meditations and techniques, but in reality Tantra is a philosophy of life, it is a culture, a way of living, of experiencing life in its entirety. Through its worldview we can think of ourselves as beings integrated and integrated into a whole, and recover the wonderful certainty that we are in a network. We learn to feel connected again with our body, with those around us and with nature. It is a spiritual path of self-knowledge. As we allow ourselves Being closer to ourselves, to our essential being, we get closer to everything that has to do with life, what is alive.

Lucía explains and clarifies: “To practice Tantra there is no age, gender or sexual orientation. Some and some, for example, discover it at the age of 60, for example, and it makes a great contribution to them. Anytime it comes into your life it is going to be beneficial. There are also many people who have internalized their practices and values, but do not know it by this name. They naturally live their body, their connection and their bond with their sexuality and with all of life in this way.”

Respect, listening, time, desire and pleasure

– How is it a path of self-knowledge and spiritual evolution?

tantra is a philosophy and a practice that invites us to return to the body, sensations and the ability to listen to ourselves. When we are willing to trust what is emerging, we also begin to validate the voice of our essential being that has its form, its mission, its particular needs, its way of living and expressing itself in totality in life. As we experience it, we vibrate more and better in our own energy and we are enabling ourselves to live in our own truth. The practice becomes a path of self-knowledge and evolution and then, listening is increasingly clearer, finer, closer. We begin to be able to be close to what is most natural to us. Sexuality, pleasure, self-knowledge and self-esteem are a path to spiritual growth. Choosing when to open up, when to close, knowing what we are drinking, what we are holding, what we are attached to and where we flow, is one of the biggest jobs that we have to do.

– Do we need special qualities to experience it?

– We do not need special qualities, but we do need to have courage. Not everyone is encouraged to be face to face with himself with himself. To develop in Tantra we must practice courage, respect for our own body and that of others, knowing that it is a sacred temple.

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The body as a sacred temple and linking it as a form of evolution

– What are the people who come to your workshops looking for?

– In the workshops tantra for womenmany come looking to reconnect with their feminine energy, to let go of demands, to connect with vulnerability, with softness and with listening to the body.

In the workshops of Tantra for couples, there is a lot of interest in improving communication, in reconnecting and in improving sexuality. Some do it to live an adventure, to do something different and risk a little.

In the mixed workshops work with different people and that can generate a link update. Other couples manage to materialize certain fantasies within a careful and respectful context where there is a very clear delimitation of where the exercises begin and end. There are limits.

In the autoerotism workshops, people seek to connect with their body and sexuality in a different way, knowing that there may be other paths to pleasure. It seeks to get out of the automatisms, be more creative and get to know each other better. Sometimes they find what they are looking for and sometimes they find other things. Sometimes some come looking for very specific things and get frustrated because they come with expectations and anxieties like “I’m going to receive a tantric massage and I want to have an erection.” That way you are not going to have an erection, but you are going to die of laughter or you are going to start crying.

There are couples who come to reconnect and realize they have nothing in common, and they end up breaking up. Some people come just out of curiosity and it changes their lives, improves their self-esteem, finds meaning in their lives, takes them out of places of depression. They find a tribe, a community of people with whom to share things, new friends, or partner. Sometimes we also find that we feel nothing. That can also happen. Experiences are very varied.

Tantra: walk a path with an open mind. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

Tantra retreats

In addition to the workshops, Lucía coordinates special retreats: “They are spaces of coexistence that foster a time of silence from everyday life and connection. We work with different types of meditation. Some are performed in stillness and others are dynamic. There are individual movements and many group experiences, since we understand that other people are also a mirror of ourselves. It works internally from the link. eroticism, sensuality, consent They are fundamental issues. The connection with our lineage and through dance is also celebrated. It is like a wave, a wave of experiences and intensities to leave us transformed.

On the long weekend in June, Lucia makes her next retreat. In order to go, it is necessary to have a previous interview with her. “A retreat can be for anyone who feels that this is the time to delve deeper into Tantra, however, I think there are some people who need to start in quieter spaces. The retreat is intense and deep. There are certain qualities that you have to meet in order to be available for this experience.”

Tantra is practiced in favor of life

– How can we make our sexuality sacred?

The first concept we can think of is the respect for our times and our needs. There is an extreme spirituality in making love: there is a couple finding themselves looking at each other, using life, being in life. We are learning to open our eyes and hearts to be able to explore loving ourselves and others without judgment. From a place that understands, that accepts, that feels empathy. Making love is not only a recreational experience, it is also a form of meditation. Tantra teaches us that to connect oneself we do not have to disconnect from the other, nor from the other. It is not necessary to isolate ourselves to evolve. Many other spiritual currents describe these paths and these truths, but tantra also includes sexuality as a path to enlightenment.

The sacred is not something fixed. Everything we touch with the heart becomes sacred. The quality of the sacred is made by the quality of loving presence that we have in what we are doing. Everything becomes sacred when I am there when I value the moment, when I am available with my heart, and also when we are true and honest.

“Tantra is practiced in favor of life and of life at the service of life, of the beauty of well-being, of health, of fullness”, explains Lucía and shares her vision with us, which is the same one that we treat to ratify every Sunday in Essence and Sense: “Life is that, a sum of small deep and immense small and significant moments. When the heart and the mind work together, it is there, at that moment when alchemy, power, union and transformation are possible”

So be it.

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