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On this Wednesday night The death of Francisco ‘Pacho’ Benítez, a journalist for Caracol Radio, was confirmed, who passed away after dealing for years with some health problems in his throat. The news of his death took several of his colleagues by surprise and some were very affected by the departure of the communicator.

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This is the case of Gustavo ‘Tato’ Sanint, renowned narrator of Snail Radio, who was interviewed on the 6:00 am program of that medium to talk about his colleague ‘Pacho’ Benítez, who was his compatriot. The Risaraldense rapporteur could not hold back the tears and broke into the air due to the departure of his friend.

“You have to do the clown: the procession goes inside. The friend leaves, the partner leaves and he is already resting from all the ailments he went through. He had a lot of character, he made vehement comments and sometimes he had to be stopped. I’ve known him all my life. He was a very good dad, but he left with something that hurts: he couldn’t meet his grandson [llanto]that hurts a lot”he expressed.

Sanint received the news while at the Qatar 2022 World Cupwhere he covers the tournament for Caracol Radio and precisely this Thursday, November 24, he will have several commitments to report two games and that will be a great challenge, because for him the death of his friend has been very shocked.

“Today we have two games, it will be difficult, but we will dedicate our narrative to him and may God give me throat to make a very good transmission in honor of the great ‘Pacho’ Benítezwho was sick from work, that is his legacy, ”said the rapporteur in the interview.

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Benítez worked for more than 40 years in the radio network and was recognized for his work in soccer and cycling. The sport of connecting rods was his great love and he covered several important events in journalist, like the victory of Nairo Quintana in the Giro d’Italia.

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