Piqué was with his lover in a hotel room.  (Photo: instagram/ 3gerardpique)

Every day a new chapter is added to the Shakira and Gerard Pique split. In the last few hours, the Spanish program socialite gave details of the player’s modus operandi to meet his lover and not be discovered by the paparazzi or by his wife.

The place chosen by the defender was La Traviesa, a bar where he frequented the 20-year-old for whom he decided to end his relationship with the singer. To go to the site he used a taxi, which left him at a side door located on a street with little traffic.

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Once inside, Piqué and the girl entered a reserved area with red curtains where they kissed passionately. The footballer’s adventure ended the day the detective hired by Shakira caught him in the middle of romanticism.

Piqué was with his lover in a hotel room. (Photo: instagram/ 3gerardpique)

The seer who predicted the separation of Shakira said that she will have another child and shook the nets

Shakira got tired of the slips of Gerard Piqué and asked for the separation. The last straw was infidelity with a 20-year-old model. This was a very hard blow for her, since they wanted to be parents again and would have even rented a womb before everything exploded.

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This information came to light through Mhoni Seer, the Cuban who months ago predicted that the defender and the Colombian were going to separate. “I don’t know how they will do it,” she pronounced in reference to the baby that would be on the way.

Shakira and Piqué were a couple for 12 years.  (Photo: Instagram / shakira)
Shakira and Piqué were a couple for 12 years. (Photo: Instagram / shakira)

The truth is that between them everything is very bad. Although days ago they traveled to the Czech Republic to accompany their eldest son to a sports tournament, they sat well apart and the lawyers are already working on the separation of assets, despite the fact that they are not married.

Shakira was shocked to see Gerard Piqué’s alleged lover: it’s just like her

Several days have passed since Shakira Y Gerard Piqué They confirmed their separation. Although they did not explain the reasons, the Spanish press pointed out that she surprised him by being unfaithful to him with a 20-year-old model.

What no one imagined was that the third in discord could be a copy of the singer. This was confirmed in a portrait broadcast by a TV program. A journalist acknowledged having photos of the young woman, but to avoid problems she did not want to publish them, so she chose to make a drawing that impressed everyone.

This would be Piqué's lover: she is very similar to Shakira.  (Photo: Twitter/quenosalga)
This would be Piqué’s lover: she is very similar to Shakira. (Photo: Twitter/quenosalga)

“This girl has her private Instagram account. He has very marked cheekbones, the truth is that the shape of his face seems very characteristic to me because he has a lot of cheekbones. She’s not one of those doll-faced girls. She is blonde and in many photographs she is like a very young girl, wearing a very basic and tiny t-shirt, but when it is arranged it is like exuberant. On Monday we realized that she had blocked us ”, mentioned Laura Fa.

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