Taylor Hawkins died: the drummer of the Foo Fighters was found dead in a hotel in Colombia

Our hearts go out to his wife, children and family, and we ask that their privacy be treated with the utmost respect at this unimaginably difficult time.


As published in the early hours of the morning by the Colombian media, the local police and forensic experts were working at the scene in search of clues that could give clues about the reasons for the death.

The death of the musician has a special impact on Argentine fans because it was here, last Sunday, where he gave his last performance, as part of the participation of Foo Fighters on lollapalooza.

As usual, Hawkins had stood out during the set above the rest of his teammates, both for the energy in his drumming style and for his friendliness, which made him the perfect co-equiper for the leader. Dave Grohl on stage.

Precisely, last Sunday, the drummer had had a leading role in a passage of the show, when Grohl made him come forward, first to make fun of his flashy tights, and then invite him to take the lead in the cover of the classic Queen “Somebody to Love”. Hawkins always proved to be a great singer, as well as a great showman.

During the week, the musician had made the news again because he had granted the wish of a small Paraguayan fan who wanted to meet him during his time in AsunciĆ³n, as a stopover before his arrival in Colombia from Argentina.

Who was Taylor Hawkins?

A native of Texas, Hawkins had joined Foo Fighters in 1997 in replacement of the then drummer William Goldsmith and had earned a place as one of the most beloved members by fans and along with Dave GrohHe was one of the most representative faces of the band.


With training in classical percussion since he was a child, he took as rock drummer models Roger Taylor from queen already Stewart Copeland from ThePolice; and thus configured a versatile style that combined power and technique.

Although he joined several bands from a young age, he began to walk the path of professionalism when he was part of the group that accompanied alanis morissette at the presentation of his successful album “Jagged Little Pill.

The tour served as a platform for him to be summoned by former Nirvana Dave Grohl to join Foo Fighters, where he gained a fundamental place. He also took advantage of his fame to carry out his own project that he called “Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders”where he played drums and sang.

The musician’s histrionics could also be seen on the big screen when he played Iggy Pop in the 2012 film “CBGB”, which tells the story of the famous New York punk redoubt.

Although the band did not provide further details beyond the official statement in which it reported the death of the drummer, it is discounted that the tour it had been doing in several countries is suspended.

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