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The Union of Education Workers (UTE) decided this Tuesday to call a strike with mobilization for Thursday, May 12, with the aim of demonstrating against the bill to reform the teaching statute presented in the Buenos Aires Legislature by Together for the Change (JxC) and demand massive securitization, reopening of the salary table and the end of mandatory internships for students.

“With the presence of more than 300 delegates from all areas, levels and modalities, the Plenary of the Union of Education Workers decided to call a strike and mobilization for Thursday, May 12, the day on which the legislators of the City discuss the bill to reform the teacher statute“, they expressed in a statement from the union led by AngĂ©lica Graciano.

The call for Thursday will begin at 10:30 in front of the Buenos Aires Legislature, at Peru 160, where the legislators of the City of Buenos Aires will deal with a series of modifications to the teaching statute that were proposed by Together for Change to “create new opportunities in the career” of teachers.

In addition, the demonstration called by UTE will add the following claims: “Massive, photographic and cascading effect securitization for all interim and substitute teachers in all areas, levels and modalities; against the reform without consultation of the Teachers’ Statute; urgent reopening of the salary table; rejection of compulsory internships for students; responses to the problems of maintenance and infrastructure of school buildings; maintain the Ceci Palace for the deaf community; restitution of school transport in special education; quality food in school cafeterias; no to UNICABA”, among other claims.

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