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Team Antwerp to semi-finals in Japan

Team Antwerp to semi-finals in Japan

3X3 World Tour in Utsunomiya

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On the first World Tour of the season and in Japanese Utsunomiya, Team Antwerp, the number 2 in the world ranking, qualified for the semi-finals. The semi-final will be played this morning at 9 am Belgian time.

Patrick Ceulemans

In the quarterfinals, Team Antwerp competed against Latvian Riga, the Olympic champion and number 4 in the world. Like Team Antwerp, Riga also only had three players. In an exciting clash (5-5 and 10-7), Thibaut Vervoort led the Antwerp team to a 16-12 victory with bombs (two-pointers). Nick Celis and Raf Bogaerts also scored important points. With a place in the semi-finals, Team Antwerp is already certain of at least 18,000 dollars in prize money. The half goes against the winner of the Serbian duel Ub or Liman.

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