Team "Lokomotiv-Kuban" won back from "Zenith" 24 points in the match of the United League Basketball Championship, but still lost
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Dmitry Uzinsky from Loko took part in the active pursuit of Zenit, but left the site disappointed. Photo: VTB League

Earlier this season, the railroad has already managed to upset the champion. As part of the group round of the September Super Cup of the United League with the participation of clubs from Serbia, Loko in Moscow unexpectedly defeated the St. Petersburg team with a minimal margin – 74:73. This time there was no loud sensation, but she was very close.

In Krasnodar, the opponents went on a long break with the score 29:25 in favor of the hosts. However, further down the team of the Slovenian specialist Alexander Sekulich had a serious breakdown. The third quarter was lost by the Southerners to smithereens – 5:30. In the 30th minute, after a long-range hit by American Zenit Thomas Wimbush, Loko’s backlog reached 24 (!) points. It is unlikely that at this moment one of the four thousand spectators in the stands of “Basket Hall” could think that the intrigue in the match has not yet been exhausted.

Then a real basketball miracle happened.

After a short break, the Krasnodar team rushed into a desperate, enchanting pursuit, winning the nine-minute segment with a score of 28:7. One minute and 12 seconds before the end of regular time, the scoreboard testified to the equality of forces – 62:62. The audience in the stands went on a rampage, although it was hard to believe in what happened in the final quarter. At least “Loco” has set an absolute season record in the United League for the elimination of a large points deficit.

To the chagrin of the fans, the Kuban still could not win. The exact throws of the guests’ players Dmitry Kulagin and Trey Tompkins nullified the fantastic chase that had happened.

Wimbush and Frenchman Thomas Ertel (16 points each) were the most productive among the winners, Jaylen Burford scored 22 points at Loko, aptly breaking through a dozen free throws out of a dozen.

– It’s a strange game. And exciting,” said Loko helmsman Sekulich. – We must learn a lesson from the third ten-minute period, how in no case should you play. And from the last quarter – how exactly you need to act and fight!

In the top half of the championship table: CSKA – 10 wins – 0 losses, UNICS (Kazan) – 9-1, Zenit – 7-2, MBA (Moscow) – 7-3, Lokomotiv-Kuban, Samara, “Pari NN” (Nizhny Novgorod) – 5-5 each.

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