Telegram presents its premium option by exceeding 700 million users

Telegram has announced the launch of its Telegram Premium subscription service, a payment option that comes when the platform has become one of the five most downloaded apps in the world in 2022 and registers more than 700 million active users a month.

The company announced at the end of 2020 that it would begin to monetize its service a year later, after the increase in active users of the platform. Thanks to this change, you will be able to face the maintenance challenges posed by the traffic that users generate.

Now, when it is among the five most downloaded applications in the world so far this year and with more than 700 million active users per month, it has revealed the characteristics of its new payment option.

Telegram Premium integrates a series of additional functions that the expert developer in reverse engineering Alessandro Paluzzi announced a few days ago, who shared a screenshot with the new exclusive functions.

Due to the increase in its number of users, the company has announced that it will maintain its free access service and offer a new format with additional functions requested by its community since its inception. This will be paid and will be intended to “support the continued development of Telegram”, as pointed out in a blog post by him.

First of all, it has indicated that the subscription to Telegram Premium entails the ability to upload files of up to 4 GB, compared to the 2 GB that the free option allows. Thanks to this service, users will be able to send videos of up to 4 hours in 1080p or “18 days of high quality audio”.

Although the option to send large files is only possible for customers of their paid service, users of the free option will also be able to download these files, whether they are subscribed to Telegram Premium or not.

Moreover, these subscribers will also be able to download files and multimedia content at a faster speed and will be able to access unlimited cloud storage.

The premium option allows, in turn, to follow up to a thousand channels, create up to 20 chat folders with up to 200 conversations, add a fourth account in any Telegram ‘app’, pin 20 chats to the main list and keep up to ten ‘stickers’ ‘ in the ‘Favorites’ section.

You can also write a longer bio, include a link in it, reply with up to 400 types of GIFs, and save up to 20 short public links or, which automatically lead to a chat conversation with the user who has them. generated.

Users who opt for this paid service will be able to convert voice messages to text, evaluate their transcripts, send exclusive ‘stickers’ and full-screen animations, react to messages with new mojis or present animated profile photos.

As Paluzzi announced a few days ago, one of the most outstanding tools of Telegram Premium is the ability to organize the list of conversations and archive or mute chats.

Along with these features, Telegram has indicated that all premium users will have a special badge, displayed next to their names in the chat list, and that they will be able to access custom icons within the platform.

Finally, the company founded by Pavel Durov has pointed out that premium subscriptions, unlike the free option, will not have advertisements.

New options for the whole community

Telegram has announced that, although most of the new features of the platform are intended for the premium option, it will continue to implement free functions for all its users.

These include join requests for open and public groups, which can now trigger join requests and allow admins to control the entry of new members.

On the other hand, the instant messaging platform has added a verification badge for groups, channels or ‘bots’ of public figures and the media to assure users that the messages published in them come from a verified source.

It has also improved the appearance of its ‘bots’ or third-party applications that run within the application, since they can now present an image or video to publicize their functions. These, which are integrated into the attachments menu, can now also work in groups and channels.

The latest platform update offers improved chat previews in the Android version, an aspect that is already integrated in the iOS version, where it is possible to view a full chat without marking it as read.

In Android, the option to save multimedia files in the library automatically has also been implemented. This storage option can also be turned on or off separately for private, group, or channel chats.

Files of up to 2 GB in the free option or 4 GB in the premium service on iOS can now also be shared on Telegram from other applications. In this way, it will not be necessary to save the file that you want to share in the messaging application before sending it to other Telegram users.

In addition, this new option presents an animated progress bar indicating the percentage of sending the content, to review its estimated duration.

On the other hand, the platform has announced that it has introduced a function for users in macOS that offers them the possibility of creating a personalized profile photo. Once they have chosen the ‘sticker’ or emoji, they can apply filters or gradients.

To conclude, Telegram has announced that the latest update of the platform includes more than a hundred fixes and optimizations in its version for mobile devices.

In this sense, Android users “will notice improvements in the quality of audio and video in voice and video messages”, as well as options to use alternative icons of the application, as detailed in this statement.

For its part, users of the latest iPhone and iPad will have “significantly smoother” animations at 120 frames per second (fps) available in the application.

Telegram has indicated that it is rolling out this update gradually, so some platform users can already access these features.

Finally, the platform has recalled that this is the beginning of a “sustainable monetization” in which users direct the development of the service instead of advertisers.

Although it has not indicated what the price for Telegram Premium will be, both in the Play Store and in the App Store this option can be activated for $4.99 (5.49 euros) per month, as Paluzzi previously warned.

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