Telegram will launch its Premium version

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“Since the day Telegram launched almost 9 years ago, we have provided our users with more features and resources than any other messaging app. A free app as powerful as Telegram was revolutionary in 2013 and is still unprecedented in 2022. Until Today, our limits on chats, multimedia content and file uploads are unrivaled,” he said. Pavel Durov, owner and creator of Telegram.

“However, we’ve been asked by many to push the current limits even higher, so we’re looking at ways to let you go beyond what’s already crazy. That’s why this month we’re introducing Telegram Premium, a subscription plan that allows anyone to purchase additional features, speed and resources“, he added.

The announcement is not surprising and it is not new: the company had already anticipated at the end of 2020 that some functions could become paid.

Exclusive stickers, advanced chat management, file management, and other tools are what Telegram users who decide to pay for the service will be able to enjoy.

What benefits will Telegram Premium have

  • bend limits: Double everything. You can be in up to 1000 channels, have 20 files, 10 pins, 10 public links, or link 4 accounts.
  • More upload size: The maximum limit of the files that you can upload is increased from 2 to 4 GB.
  • More download speed: Speed ‚Äč‚Äčlimits are eliminated when downloading files and documents.
  • Speech to text conversion: You will be able to read a transcript of the voice messages you receive.
  • no ads: There will be no ads on public Telegram channels where they are being displayed.
  • unique reactions: New animated reactions will be added to messages.

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