Telekom Veszprém took a big step towards the final four

The finalist of the previous competition rested as the winner of Group A in the previous round, where the four-time finalist Hungarian band said goodbye to Vardar Skopje with ease.

In the first half, the pulsating rhythm changed in the 12th minute from Veszprém, led by Andreas Nilsson, who went 11–7 with a 4–0 series, but the Danes came back from here and three. (17–16).

The defense came together in a parade in the second half, and Rodrigo Corrales also presented the defenses.

In the 37th minute, Felix Claar, who led the scoreboard, scored 85th (20-18), followed by a seven-minute Danish drought while the Kentin Mahées were consistently successful (24-18).

After that, Aalborg found the way to the Veszprém net again, but the host was able to answer, so there were six of them in the opening of the last ten minutes (29–23).

Although Benjamin Jakobsen’s team clung a bit in the 54th minute (31-27), Veszprém did not panic and eventually 36–29 won.



Veszprém-Aalborg (Denmark) 36-29 (17-16)

20.45: Montpellier (French) – Kielce (Polish)


PSG (French) – Kiel (German) 30-30 (14-16)

Flensburg (German) -Barcelona (Spanish) 29-33 (13-18)

(Cover image: MTI / Tamás Vasvári)

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