Thijs De Ridder propelled Telenet Giants Antwerp to victory with a double-double.
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Thijs De Ridder propelled Telenet Giants Antwerp to victory with a double-double.© GOYVAERTS/GMAX AGENCY

Telenet Giants Antwerp had no problems with Brussels and achieved a convincing and above all marked victory against the team from the capital in an attractive Lotto Arena. The second victory for the Sinjoren, after five matches, in the BetFirst BNXT League. Brussels continues to dangle on the red lantern with 1 in 7. The new American duo Desonta Bradford (11 points, 9 assists) and Spencer Butterfield (14 points, 6 rebounds) had a strong debut in the Antwerp shirt. The 19-year-old Thijs De Ridder was the star with a double-double (25 points, 12 rebound). “It’s nice to be playing games again,” Spencer Butterfield winked.

Patrick Ceulemans

Jean-Marc Mwema immediately paved the way for Telenet Giants Antwerp with five points in a row. He received support from Spencer Butterfield. The new American of the Giants immediately gave his business card and dropped two bombs in a row. From 8-0 it went to a 15-4 Antwerp bonus. Brussels, missing a trio of injured players with Joel Ekamba, Rytis Piperas and Domagoj Proleta, reacted through Ferdinand Zylka and William Gutenius to trail 24-16 after the first quarter. In the second period, Telenet Giants Antwerp was dominant again. Spencer Butterfield kept scoring, got support from the again robust Thijs De Ridder and Desonta Bradford and from 31-18 it went for a frisky Telenet Giants Antwerp to a 38-23 and 44-23 bonus.

With varied basketball, the Sinjoren entered the locker room with a 48-28 lead. In the third quarter, Telenet Giants Antwerp also restored balance in the rebound, continued to defend sharply and walked further away collectively and with sharp basketball. From a 53-28 score it went to 66-41. Brussels could only resist a little. American center Royce Hamm also scored in the final quarter and coach Iveca Skelin rotated with all players. Telenet Giants Antwerp ended the game with five Belgians on the bench. Quinten Smout dropped bombs, Thijs De Ridder was omnipresent and from 78-47 it went with swinging basketball and in a partying Lotto Arena to an 89-55 Antwerp victory.

Telenet Giants Antwerp-Brussels 89-58

Quartz: 24-16, 24-12, 18-13, 23-14

Telenet Giants Antwerp: Smout 9, Meeusen 0, Hamm 4, Van Cleemput 0, D’Espallier 5, De Ridder 25, Butterfield 14, Bradford 11, Rogiers 5, Mwema 9, Upshaw 7

Brussels: Llorente 8, Deroover 2, Guterius 13, Zylka 14, Vangindertael 0, Hazard 7, Tshienda-Baloji 0, Tshibangu 2, Tumba 9

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