Telenet sells its transmission towers to the American group for 745 million euros

© Raymond Lemmens

Telenet has concluded an agreement with the American DigitalBridge for the sale of its mobile telephony masts. The 3,322 sites provide the telecom company with 745 million euros.


Telenet announced last year that it was considering a sale. The financial agency Bloomberg then spoke of a yield of 600 million euros, but it has become much more.

In concrete terms, Telenet sells the steel pylons, so-called passive components of the network. The active radio components on the towers remain the property of Telenet. This concerns 3,322 sites in Belgium: 2,158 owned by Telenet and 1,164 sites by third parties.

The agreement includes a long-term lease of 15 years with Telenet, renewable for two times ten years. It has also been agreed that DigitalBridge will build a minimum of 475 new sites.

Several telecom companies have already monetized their cell towers. At Telenet, it is said that a lot of work goes into the operation of the transmission tower park and that the money can be used for strategic projects. DigitalBridge is a specialized manager operating tens of thousands of towers worldwide.

Telenet expects to complete the transaction in the second quarter. The proceeds are tracked by the company in anticipation of upcoming deals. Telenet is working on an agreement with Fluvius about the fixed network of the future and the auction for 5G spectrum will soon be held.

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