Sky in the central region of Campo Grande (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

There will be no rain in the next few days and relative humidity can register from 25 to 75%

Sky in the central region of Campo Grande (Photo: Henrique Kawaminami)

Temperatures rose again and from this Monday (09), the forecast is for sunny and dry weather until the end of the week. Throughout the days, thermometers can register a minimum of 10° C and a maximum of 35° C throughout Mato Grosso do Sul, according to the meteorologist of Inmet (National Institute of Meteorology), Olívio Bahia.

Although Inmet has not yet issued an official alert until this Sunday (08), for weather conditions in the coming days, Bahia says that the scenario is worrying and requires some health care.

“At this time we always ask for a lot of attention, more sensitive people can feel this change in weather a lot. It’s good to apply sunscreen and drink plenty of water and liquids in general”, he emphasizes.

This is because the relative humidity of the air must register a minimum of 25 to 30% and a maximum of 70 to 75% in the State, with more intense warning for Campo Grande, Miranda, Jardim, Aquidauana, Nioaque, Dois Irmãos do Buriti, Bonito, Porto Murtinho and Bela Vista, cities that can even be below 30% on these days.

The recommendations are for people not to set fire to vacant lots, not to throw cigarette butts and also to avoid pollution with motor vehicles, to avoid air pollution.

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