Ten movies and series to watch on the freshly launched Disney +

Disney + launched with a plentiful offer in Hungary on June 14, with more than 900 films, 800 series and 150 self-produced content waiting for subscribers on the long-awaited streaming service provider. Fortunately, the offerings have been made easily transparent, with works by Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, NatGeo, and Star specifically for adults separately.

Even so, one can run into confusion of abundance, and it is suddenly difficult to decide what to look for first. That’s why we’ve been touring Disney + and scraping out ten movies and series that we think provide unparalleled entertainment. All you have to do is reach for the remote control and the banza can start.

Free Guy

Ryan Reynolds, who plays the little loud and always plays the same loud, much-paralyzed figure, is already coming out on the elbows of many. Sometimes, however, the 45-year-old star still reaches out for tutu, especially when they’re teaming up with director Shawn Levy. The two had the feat of The Adam project on Netflix, and not long before Free Guy. The latter is a hidden gem that unfortunately few have discovered for themselves, even though the basic line-up is terribly ingenious: the protagonist is an NPC named Guy who lives an unconscious life in an MMORPG until he realizes he’s in a video game. ” to imprison ”. Of course, like Neo, he would be freed from the Matrix in a short way, but the thing is not so easy. The film’s protagonist, Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer, are rare fun together, and we also spit out our coffee from Laika’s CEO, Taika Waititi. For easy viewing, the Free Guy is perfect.

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Obi-Wan Kenobi is just running for his final episode, with Ewan McGregor wearing the cloak of the fallen Jedi Master for the first time since the 2005 Revenge of the Sith. The production is interesting not only because it takes place between the antecedent and the original trilogy, when the cult character has already changed his name to Ben and has become a hermit, but also because Hayden Christensen returns for it, making Vader’s execution squad, the Inquisitors, debut live for the first time. Of the Star Wars series unveiled at Disney +, this is by far the “starwars” so it’s not worth missing out on. Especially since Vivien Lyra Blair, who plays the child Lei, also plays a huge role in it, and the hours during the issuance of Command 66 can be seen from unprecedented perspectives.


Marvel Studios ’first TV series, WandaVision, has taken everyone off their feet thanks to an unexpectedly creative basic lineup. According to the story, the grieving Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) rules an entire small American town just to wake up her late love, the android Vision (Paul Bettany), and even create children for themselves as an extra. The production pays homage to the golden age of American curses in every way, so the style changes dramatically. Although the last two parts of the series have already become very typical, Marvel action films, it is no coincidence that WandaVision was broadcast with 23 nominations on the Emmyn anno. Genie, believe us.

Lost – They’re gone

We were relatively surprised by it, but we’re very pleased with the debut of such classic series on Disney + as the six-season Lost, which aired on ABC from 2004 to 2010. For many, it was their first real American series experience, the moment viewers realized that not all TV series move at the level of Brazilian and Mexican soap operas. But yes, the episodic format can be cultivated at high quality. And Lost set the bar quite high, there were huge dramas, in a mystical and paradise garnish – and it was just the icing on the cake that the characters were cleverly written, everyone found their favorite among the survivors.


It’s a shame that there are still people who think the animation genre is childish. It’s enough to look at Pixar movies, there we only find pieces that are true to tie down the little ones, yet they have something to say behind them, so parents will find plenty of value in them too. One of the most unique films in this category was Luca, set on the Italian Riviera and is about a teenage monster boy who spends his weekday swimming in the sea. Until he ventures to the surface, where he becomes a normal, ordinary child and does not befriend another little guy. Alberto is the one who shows Luca the world and realizes the title character: it doesn’t make much sense to oppress ourselves when there are so many beautiful things and adventures on the surface. Among other things, a red Vespa, which is the dream of Alberto and Luca.

Chip and Dale: The Pinch Team

What didn’t come together for Space Jam 2 was what Disney +’s novelty Chip and Dale did: The Pinch Team loosely did it, as the creators managed to put together a great, semi-animated and semi-live-action movie. Luckily here, we didn’t have to suffer from LeBron James ’awful game and Don Cheadle’s humorous but awkward remarks. Instead, the entire Pinch Team returned to rescue their abducted companion from the clutches of evil. It’s a relatively simple story that has been packed with so many guest characters that we’d rather call it the madness of the multiverse than Doctor Strange 2. Ugly Sonic, we’ll never forget.

The Mandalors

There is no oversupply of sci-fi westerns, even though we would need it. Unfortunately, from season two onwards, Westworld also became unseen on HBO, and we haven’t found a similar series in a long time since then. Anno, when American Disney + kicked off, even in November 2019, The Mandalori was among the opening headlines. Well, and it was really old-fashioned, almost oldschool space western: with a bounty hunter in the center who went from A to B, he carried out assignments, even in exchange for ex-imperial money … until he came across one of the To the big-eared dwarfism of the Yoda race, who was then forced-reluctant but tried to save her. The Mandalori remained good fun for the second season as well, although unfortunately the Jedi were forced into it. We weren’t so happy for Luke Skywalker, much less for Ahsoka. So sometimes our feelings about him were ambiguous, but it is known that The Mandalorian fills a gap in its genre.


Disney’s animated film, Encanto, released in late 2021, has become a true pop culture icon. At first, everyone talked about it because of the song We Don’t Talk About Bruno, but Surface Pressure was at least as upbeat as both – both stored on American Billboard charts, in ways not seen for years, as far as Disney movies are concerned. Featuring a Colombian family with special abilities, Encanto became the best animated film at the Oscars. Deservedly, we add. The production not only handled the issue of externality brilliantly, but also showed the difficulties it poses when several generations live under one roof. Encanto was primarily aimed at Colombian spectators, but it became surprisingly universal, so even here, in the heart of Europe, we enjoyed what we saw smoothly in other cultural settings.

Pam and Tommy

Within the Star section, we’ll find plenty of more adult content on Disney +, including Pam and Tommy, originally scheduled for Hulun. Young people today may not have even heard of the Pamela Anderson sex scandal and the great afterlife of that particular video. Pam and Tommy process this, in places of loud, grotesque, overwhelming, but unexpectedly entertaining garnishes. It’s simply brilliant how the makers made Lily James a big-breasted blonde sex bomb, but Sebastian Stan offers a similarly crushing figure hiding in the skin of rock star Tommy Lee. In addition to them, Seth Rogen’s average man, the two-handed worker Rand Gauthier, is also unexpectedly good, blasting out the whole bad week just because the star is jerking off with him and his brigade. This 8 part is a real roller coaster ride, absolutely 18+ to watch, but its very fluffy.


Starring Tom Hiddleston, Loki is a Mads-style oldschool sci-fi rather than a superhero series. Accordingly, it is also recommended for those who have already run into spandex, cloaked, stupid masked superheroes. Loki is more of an evil one anyway, so his motivations are interesting, especially since he’s an already dead character in the Marvel Film Universe, with at least six versions appearing during the first season. One is a crocodile, we’re not kidding. Loki’s second season is getting ready fortunately, and we’re excited about that not only because of Hiddleston’s return, but also because Sylvie, who can be branded a quasi-female Loki, will be in it. Sophia di Martino was clearly one of, if not the greatest, discoverer of the Marvel series.

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