Ten unknown wines that you have to try
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Wines little known to the market, non-traditional vines and not so common geographical locations, are the common denominator of what is new in the wine industry and what the domestic consumer market is asking for today.

There is, today, a wine consumer who seeks to explore new paths, be surprised and experience new flavors, other aromas. Here are some examples of the wines to come.

Vito Corleone Mastrantonio.jpg

Mastrantonio Wines is the personal enterprise of Diego J. Mastrantonio. The winery was born to honor his ancestors, who worked the vineyard in Italy. Today it is positioned in the national market and in Brazil with five lines. Vito Corleone is one of them. It is a young line of Argentine wines with an Italian imprint, made up of a very expressive Malbec and a Red Blend, without aging in barrels.

Vito Corleone Malbec 2019 comes from the Rivadavia area, with loamy soils with the presence of stones. Meanwhile, Vito Corleone Red Blend 2019 is a Malbec-based blend, which is completed with Bonarda and Petit Verdot, from vineyards in the Rivadavia and Junín areas.

Price: $1499


Alwasi Wine is the personal project of Elisa Matías Azin, an entrepreneur who has been working in the wine industry for several years –but from another place– and in 2021 was encouraged to launch her first wines on the market as a tribute to Alwasi: the guardians who guide and protect the road.

It is a 100% Malbec rosé that is part of Alwasi Estate, the young line of Alwasi Wine that stands out for its freshness. Its acidity is well balanced with that typical Malbec sweetness, which makes it very easy to drink. Perfect to enjoy as an aperitif, accompany pizzas or pasta with mild sauces.

Price: $1100


If we talk about the latest trends in the world of wine, sustainable projects continue to grow and set the course for an industry that is increasingly committed to the environment.

In this sense, the Bartolomé family, creators of the Pielihueso project, are part of this change. This winery started in 2017 when Celina and Alejandro Bartolomé planted vines in Los Chacayes and Los Sauces, Mendoza. His oenological philosophy consists of producing products that faithfully express their place of origin. All wines are organically grown, low intervention wines, unfiltered and made with indigenous yeasts.

This is a 50% Malbec and 50% Cabernet Sauvignon wine. The labels were even created by the family: Carmela, the other daughter, designed the labels based on her brother’s artwork. When it comes to closing their wines, they also bet on the sustainable philosophy and the recyclable Nomacorc stoppers from Vinventions.

Price: $2900


A wine with notes of sweet, velvety and fresh cherries and plums. Intensely aromatic and with an incredible personality. Subtly sweet. Certified vegan.

Price: $1,490

  • Oh Yea, Torrontés/Pedro Ximenez

Floral and sweet notes from Torrontés, accompanied by the personality and fair acidity provided by Pedro Ximenez. A new bivarietal, structured and with a touch of sweetness.

Price: $1,490

The QR – Quality Reserve – wine is made with selected grapes from a small farm in Rivadavia. A 100% Malbec wine, elegant, balanced, with structure and notes of ripe fruit and oak. Aromas of plum, coffee and vanilla are discovered due to its delicate aging in 2nd use French oak barrels.


By Jorge Rubio. Fresh and fruity red wine of pink color with violet reflections. It presents aromas of red fruits such as cherries and raspberries, as well as floral notes of roses and hibiscus. Refreshing and crunchy acidity on the palate, very expressive and fruity.

Price: $2,400

Another gem from Jorge Rubio. Fresh and fruity with notes of apricot, strawberry and fresh grape. Hand harvest. Selected yeasts and closed pump overs are used. Malolactic fermentation occurs spontaneously at the end of alcoholic fermentation.

Price: $2,400

  • Tres Pira2 – Cabernet Franc

They are three friends, Sebastián, Leonardo and Nicolás (winemaker) wanting to do what they love. They themselves are in charge of harvesting the grapes and taking them to the winery. At the moment they do not have their own winery, they rent the vessels, actively participating in the entire process until they are sold. Tres Pirados seeks in their wines to represent the DNA of the Zonda Valley, San Juan

Price: $1950


From the Zonda Valley, in San Juan, 50% barrel fermentation between 22 and 26 °C, 50% destemmed by hand, 20% full cluster fermentation. Thanks to the integral fermentation in barrels we can perceive the fusion between the complexity of the wood and the great concentration of fruit, it is an ideal wine for all kinds of occasions

Price: $2,750

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