The main references of PRO met again this Monday, May 9, to reorder the internal strategy and, in this framework, a discussion was given for the party’s role in congress and the differences that emerged in recent days with the Radical Civic Union (UCR).

The ex-president Mauricio Macrithe head of the party, Patricia Bullrichand the head of the Buenos Aires Government, Horacio Rodriguez Larretagot together for lunch together with other referents of the space and fulfilled the weekly appointment They have been filing for several weeks.

Macri returned to give an image of centrality and asked to avoid mistakes

On this occasion, the former national president stated that the bloc of the PRO cannot follow radicalism and asked that they differ on some issuesaccording to the agency NA.

Macri and a lunch with Vargas Llosa and PRO leaders.

The discomfort with Gerardo Morales

The discomfort of the PRO is with the governor of Jujuy and president of the UCR, Gerardo Moraleswho is questioned for having promoted the rejection of Javier Milei and, within the framework of the Congress, having made lobby to remove the medical cannabis and industrial hemp law.

The issue was approved in Deputies, but the PRO did not fully support it.

What was agreed upon last week was also on the table again, when they committed to have no hard crosses and keep the rules of the game clear for next year’s elections, when It is not yet known if Macri will compete again.

Cristina Kirchner and Macri surpass Alberto F. and Milei as the favorite politicians on social networks

The PRO and Miley

Besides, The theme Miley appeared and all the participants agreed that it was not a good move to mention him with his first and last name in the latest Together for Change statement.

A new meeting is expected within ten days. This Monday they were in Madero Port also Diego Santilli, María Eugenia Vidal, Jorge Macri, Cristian Ritondo, Humberto Schiavoni, Federico Angelini, Federico Pinedo and Fernando de Andreis.


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