Teresa's Botequim: Tia Surica + Jiló - Zo Guimaraes/UOL - Zo Guimaraes/UOL

“Did you lose someone because of Portela? Any friends?”, asks Teresa Cristina in the last episode of the third season of “Botequim da Teresa” with the sambista and portelense Tia Surica.

“The wedding”, answers the matriarch of Portela promptly. “I was engaged, he didn’t like samba, and I was there on the avenue, right?!”

She says she forgot that she had a television at that time. Even with a black and white image, the groom recognized the “Lady Surica with two Jacks at her side”, as she says.

Aunt Surica: married to Portela

Image: Zo Guimaraes/UOL

“We were just a few weeks away from getting married, but it was over. For him, Carnival meant nothing.” If she regrets? Never:

I’m still married to Portela to this day.”

President of honor of Portela and member of the old guard, Iranette Ferreira Barcellos is an eternal lover. She celebrates her 77th birthday, out of her 81, at the school she got to know thanks to her parents.

A kind of entity, it does not give in to the new rules of Carnival. Once, she was asked to wear a bracelet to gain access to Portela. “Oh yeah? Okay! Now get that p…”, she replied.

Teresa's Botequim: Tia Surica + Jiló - Zo Guimaraes/UOL - Zo Guimaraes/UOL

Teresa and Tia Surica: Season 3 Ending

Image: Zo Guimaraes/UOL

For the matriarch, the best president of the school was Natal (1905-1975). “In an interview, he assumed that Portela came before the family in his heart”.

Just like him, Aunt Surica has no eyes for another school:

I’m Portela and I don’t like any other”.

recognized feijoada

Aunt Surica - Disclosure - Disclosure

Feijoada da Portela by Tia Surica

Image: Disclosure

Tia Surica’s feijoada is considered a Historical and Cultural Heritage of the State of Rio de Janeiro — it was served to more than two million people in 18 years of tradition.

The dish is one of the main dishes served at ‘Cafofo da Surica’, the home of the samba matriarch where Teresa Cristina was present in special moments. “The number of people was increasing until it was full. But there was never lack of food, feijoada or pasta with chicken, or beer”, says the presenter.

“Every time someone asked to make the chicken with pasta, I did it. There, in that cafofo, it was already all people”, says Surica.

But that doesn’t mean your little corner doesn’t have rules. “Some people take someone I don’t even know, but I put them out. If there’s a couple dating, I say: ‘Come here, did you come to have fun or make out? There’s a hotel nearby’.”

samba fridays

Teresa's Botequim: Tia Surica + Jiló - Zo Guimaraes/UOL - Zo Guimaraes/UOL
Image: Zo Guimaraes/UOL

“Botequim da Teresa”, which airs every Friday, is the perfect program for those who love good music and interesting conversations. Teresa Cristina rescues the history of traditional bars in Rio de Janeiro, makes classic recipes from each of them and welcomes guests for relaxed conversations. Watch the new season on Nossa website, UOL Play or Our YouTube (Subscribe and receive fresh updates).

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