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Teresa’s Botequim

Teresa's Botequim - Milton Cunha and Flávia Oliveira - FGranatieri/UOL - FGranatieri/UOL

This Friday (6th), journalist Flávia Oliveira and carnival artist Milton Cunha will sit at “Botequim da Teresa”. Teresa Cristina leads the conversation whose main theme is Carnival, the trio’s common passion.

Milton Cunha: Carnival at the table at Botequem da Teresa

Image: FGranatieri/UOL

While serving the mini acarajé made just like Afro Gourmet, in Grajaú (RJ), the singer and presenter provokes the guests: “how would you define carnival for those who have never seen the party?”.

“A miracle. Or even an orgasm”, sums up Flávia, who was born in Mangueira and fell in love with Beija-Flor when she saw the title conquered with the parade “Dreaming with King of the Lion” (1976), in the first year of Joãosinho Trinta in school. “As I got closer to the community and the rehearsals, I started to feel a sense of belonging.”

In Nilópolis, everyone is equal”.

Teresa's Botequim - Milton Cunha and Flávia Oliveira - FGranatieri/UOL - FGranatieri/UOL

Teresa, Milton and Flávia: a trio in love with Carnival

Image: FGranatieri/UOL

Milton Cunha, who worked with costumes for opera and ballet, says he found the party in pain. “The samba dancers sing and dance on the avenue, but the rest of the year they face a bar”.

Born in Belém do Pará, he debuted as a Beija-Flor carnival artist from 1994 to 1997. Afterwards, he worked at União da Ilha, Leandro de Itaquera (SP), Unidos da Tijuca, São Clemente, Viradouro, Porto da Pedra and Cubango. He is currently pursuing a career as a TV commentator.

Acarajé: learn recipe in the program

Image: FGranatieri/UOL

In the program, the three still talked about the prejudice that still surrounds the revelry. For Flávia, persecution or rejection has to do with racism. “It’s a beauty and complexity that Brazil doesn’t see, they only appropriated the party because of economic interest”.

Milton argues that Carnival is an artistic language of carioca blackness that has upset the white elite by becoming synonymous with the country. He shoots:

If Brazil were the country of Carnival, it would have worked”

samba fridays

“Botequim da Teresa”, which airs every Friday, is the perfect program for those who love good music and interesting conversations. Teresa Cristina rescues the history of traditional bars in Rio de Janeiro, makes classic recipes from each of them and welcomes guests for relaxed conversations. Watch the new season on Nossa website, UOL Play or Our YouTube (Subscribe and receive fresh updates).

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