Teresa Cristina - Fabi Alvim and omelet - FGranatieri/UOL - FGranatieri/UOL

In the third episode of the new season of “Botequim da Teresa”, Teresa Cristina brings her fourth passion to the table. In addition to music, snacks from a pub and a good chat, volleyball with guest Fabi Alvim, two-time Olympic champion, takes the stage.

“The best libero on the planet, a giant one”, introduces Teresa Cristina, after reproducing the special omelet from Bar do Tino, located in Morro dos Prazeres, in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

Teresa Cristina and Fabi Alvim: friends sit down to chat at the bar

Image: FGranatieri/UOL

With 1 meter and 67 centimeters in height, the “little” Fabi played for 20 years and made a career in the position of libero, which, coincidentally, came at the same time that she turned professional.

“It was the opportunity to continue in the sport. I’ve always been outside the standards for my size”, says the athlete from Iraj√°, in the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro, who saw volleyball as a way of playing and interacting.

A pass for generations of women

Teresa Cristina - Fabi Alvim and omelet - FGranatieri/UOL - FGranatieri/UOL

Fabi Alvim was part of the champion team in 2008 and 2012

Image: FGranatieri/UOL

Winning the first gold medal at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing took place on the basis of pressure.

“In 2004, we played a semi-final against Russia. Brazil was winning and would participate in an Olympic final for the first time. But the unlikely happened: Russia turned around.”

For Fabi, each defeat reinforced the discourse that, when it comes to let’s see, women don’t do the job.

“When we arrived in 2008, the mission was the following: win or be marked as the generation I cannot. Our impulse was to know that we could change this story”.

The victory was a dream. There it was marked that women can too. We represent all those who came before.”

The second conquest, in London 2012, was not easier. “This medal was emotionally draining for me. I was one of the older ones and it took responsibility for me. After reaching the peak in 2008, we’ve been on the same beat of intense preparation for another four years. There are no easy shortcuts.”

Teresa Cristina - Fabi Alvim and omelet - FGranatieri/UOL - FGranatieri/UOL

Fabi tells behind the scenes of winning the medals

Image: FGranatieri/UOL

The effort paid off when the team climbed to the top of the podium. “If there’s one thing I miss, it’s listening to the anthem.”

After retiring, Fabi held the position of TV commentator. “For me, it’s been a learning experience. My contribution is to make people understand and talk more about volleyball.”

samba fridays

TEresa Botequim - Zo Guimaraes/UOL - Zo Guimaraes/UOL
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“Botequim da Teresa”, which airs every Friday, is the perfect program for those who love good music and interesting conversations. Teresa Cristina rescues the history of traditional bars in Rio de Janeiro, makes classic recipes from each of them and welcomes guests for relaxed conversations. Watch the new season on Nossa website, UOL Play or Our YouTube (Subscribe and receive fresh updates).

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