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A tragic episode occurred this Friday in the Buenos Aires town of Dark: a boy barely 6 years old died when he was hit by a bus, when he crossed the street trying to recover a ball that he had dropped. For a moment he let go of his mother’s hand when they were waiting for a bus, and although the assistance operation was quick, the boy could not be revived.

The dramatic case took place at the transfer station in the town of Moreno. The minor was attacked by an inmate of the Line 203. “The bus was just passing by and the driver was unable to brake”, sources of the investigation told the media Foreground Online.

The tragedy of the girls returning from Pinamar: what Justice managed to reconstruct from the accident

The boy was identified as Leonardo Otazu Martinez and after the incident he was rushed to the Mariano and Luciano de la Vega hospital. Due to the seriousness of the injuries, he entered the shock sector, where he lost his life shortly after. “The doctors did resuscitation tasksbut they couldn’t do anything to save him,” they said.

The Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) No. 4 of the Judicial Department of Moreno and General Rodríguez, led by Dr. Federico Soñora, took part in the case. proceedings for “wrongful death”and ordered that the driver of line 203 be delayed.

The prosecutor ordered a blood draw from the driver and at the same time he requested that the bus, intern 4357 of the aforementioned line, be kidnapped.

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