Terrorism: Togo must react before it is too late

Eight soldiers killed and 14 others injured on the night of Tuesday May 10 to Wednesday May 11. This is the provisional assessment of the explosion on an improvised explosive device (IED) of the vehicle of Togolese army soldiers who left as reinforcements against the attack on a border post. The assassin commando of about sixty armed men would have come from neighboring Burkina.

This complex assault which targeted the advanced operational post of Kpinkankandi [nord du Togo, à la frontière avec le Burkina Faso]not far from the border that Togo shares with Burkina, has certainly not yet been claimed, but the modus operandi is that specific to the terrorist groups that roam the east of the “country of upright men” [traduction littérale de “Burkina Faso”].

Moreover, the lawless men who carried out the coup are probably those of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims [GSIM ou Jnim, organisation terroriste, d’idéologie salafiste djihadiste]. The Jnim, which has set up an important branch in this part of Burkina, from where it now makes frequent incursions towards Togo and Benin, is visibly in the process of securing a route and an area for its various traffics, in particular gold and cigarettes. Proof of this is that this is the second attack suffered by this region in six months, after that, repelled, of the locality of Sanloanga. [au Togo]beginning of November 2021.

psychosis sets in

It is certain, Togo, if its authorities, its people and its army are not careful, will soon be painted red, this color of blood characteristic of insecurity and feared for social cohesion and the tranquility of the populations, who are forced to flee, leaving fields, livestock and other possessions behind.

General psychosis then sets in, and health centers and schools close in turn. It is therefore urgent to take the bull of the response by the horns, by setting up a security partnership with Burkina and the other neighboring countries, for a muscular surveillance of the borders recognized as porous in the tropics.

Moreover, the support of more affluent countries would not be too much for the training and strengthening of the intelligence services of the national army. Finally, it will be more than relevant for the Togolese that any activity and any person who can contribute to the installation of latent cells be wiped out as soon as possible.

A common front in outline

As such, the only solution is to open one’s eye, and the right one, to any action tending to promote extremism and radicalization, which facilitates recruitment by terrorists among young people, idle and without prospects. Later will be too late for Togo, in search of well-being for its populations.

So what makes terrorists run to the countries of the Gulf of Guinea, when they had chosen the Sahel as their favorite terrain, where they sow, almost daily, tears and desolation, both within the civilian populations and in the ranks of the defense and security forces?

Undoubtedly, the blows, not yet fatal, that the armies of Burkina, Niger and Mali are increasingly dealing to the forces of evil are hurting them very much. In so-called “Tanli 1”, “2” and “3” operations, jointly carried out by the armies of Niger and Burkina, many leaders of terrorist groups operating in the “three borders” area were neutralized, and their bases destroyed. No later than this Monday, May 10, in two different operations, the Burkinabe armed forces more than ever on the offensive claim the putting out of harm’s way of 50 terrorists.

It is therefore urgent to establish a synergy of action for a general sanitation campaign of the entire infested sub-region, so that terrorists are not chased from one country to find refuge in another, even if it means returning from where they have been cleaned. It is a common front of determined national armies and united citizens of all countries which must therefore stand up against terrorism, hic et nunc !

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