Thales Faria

President Jair Bolsonaro has blamed either Petrobras or governors for inflation, especially because of rising oil prices. fuels. There are two main government proposals being discussed in Congress: limiting the ICMS tax rate on energy, telecommunications and fuel charged by states and municipalities to 17%; and to reimburse the governors who accept to eliminate the collection of taxes on fuels.

In the UOL Saturday, 14th, the PP candidate for the government of Rio Grande do Sul, Luís Carlos Heinze, was peremptory: the state will already be losing money with the ICMS ceiling and, therefore, if accepted, it will not accept Bolsonaro’s proposal to eliminate fuel taxes. “I have responsibility for the accounts and I can’t do that,” he said.

Heinze said more. He is also against the federal government’s proposal to renegotiate state debts. If the current governor of Rio Grande do Sul closes an agreement with the Ministry of Finance, Heinze warns: he will try to change the agreement. “We won’t be able to pay BRL 13 billion, or BRL 14 billion, BRL 15 billion a year. I intend to join governors from other states and review this charge”, he argues.

In other words, the accounts and arguments of President Jair Bolsonaro and his Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedesdo not convince even one of the most staunch bolsonaristas candidates for governor.

It is worth remembering that Heinze was the one who exposed himself to scenes that bordered on ridiculous at the CPI of the pandemic to defend the government and the use of chloroquine as a treatment against Covid-19 promoted by President Bolsonaro.

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