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A recent complaint defined as “a gross act of discrimination” involved the national government after the renewal of the leadership of superintendents of the Federal police. As a result of these changes, there will be no female staff on the front page of the force led by the Minister of Security, Hannibal Fernandez. Faced with this, the first officer trans of the Federal Police, Analía Pasantino, who was displaced, attacked the management “who fills his mouth talking about everyone and puts up the diversity flag”.

“I see myself in the obligation to confirm the news ‘Kirchnerism threw me out of the Federal Police again'”explained Pasantino, removed from her position after the modifications that were made official in the Internal Order of the Day (ODI) of force number 210.

Analía Pasantino accused Kirchnerism. PHOTO: Twitter @AnaPasantino

Analía Pasantino: “Kirchnerism threw me out of the Federal Police again”

“In a gross act of discrimination and being in the first place for promotion they arbitrarily deny me and make me available. Thanks Christina. Thanks Aníbal and of course Thanks Alberto for showing the garbage that they are and how little they care about human rights”, the former commissioner stated on Twitter transwho served 34 years on the force.

In 2008, when Pasantino made the firm determination to change from male to female, she was forcibly removed, which considered her “irrecoverable” to exercise the police function.

He had to wait until 2017, when he rejoined the Police during the administration of Patricia Bullrich in the National Security portfolio. Back then, his promotion to the rank of deputy commissioner, having had the privilege of being named the “country’s first transgender chief officer”.

“I have a trans daughter and there are threats against her life”

The government’s response to the accusation of the country’s first trans officer

For the moment, the Government limited itself to mentioning that in the Federal Police there were 14 women in the course of the yearfor which they dismissed the statements of the former member of the force.

consulted by The nationthe authorities of the Ministry of Security they dismissed the accusation and they justified the initiative after alleging that Pasantino is a lawyer, while “the position to which he aspired, in the area of ​​communication, requires engineers.”


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