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Looking from the armchair, almost every viewer had a huge question mark in front of their eyes when the Ecuadorian scored in the third minute of the opening match of the World Cup in Qatar scored a goal canceled by VAR due to offside. Based on the replay, it was not at all clear what happened, and a video explanation was shown only once in the first half, which was short and still did not dispel doubts. We asked the help of routine referee Ferenc Bede to explain why the goal was invalid.

“If I saw the situation correctly, there was clearly no offside at the moment the free kick was taken. However, the Qatari goalkeeper came out to knock the ball away, and an Ecuadorian player jumped up with him.

When he tried to push the ball away from the goalkeeper, he probably hit the head of the Ecuadorian and this resulted in a new game situation. And at that moment, the foot of the Ecuadorian player standing next to them – to whom the ball then bounced – could have been inches away”

– the former NB I referee explained the situation, adding that he also “watched” the situation from the armchair. Here’s a visual explanation of the ambush cut from a broadcast:

Bede, who also works as a television pundit, also notes that it is not entirely clear why the offside animation, on which the line is drawn, was not shown at all for the second valid Ecuadorian goal. According to him, in a match like this, where there is such serious technique, the viewer could be helped more and explain why what is happening.

(Cover photo: Enner Valencia celebrates his goal against Qatar, which is later disallowed. Photo: Alex Livesey / Getty Images)