The 8 Steps Kids: of the child who wants to be an entrepreneur "to earn money" to the winner of the trip to Disney

The 8 Steps Kids left a new emotional edition with Franco, 10 years old, and Claudio that left no doubts throughout the entire competition and took the Disney trip. However, there were also other highlights such as the boy who said he wanted to be a businessman “to earn money”.

Minors in the program that is broadcast by El Trece and is hosted by Guido Kaczka they tend to go with shyness and some embarrassment, although there are others who quickly stand out for their daring.

The 8 Steps Kids: the emotion of Catalina and Darío to win the trip to Disney

That was the case of Thiago, who said he wanted to be an entrepreneur, when the driver asked him what the company is going to be about, he replied: “I don’t know, as long as I make money.” What generated the immediate laughter of the participants and the jury.

Another of the outstanding events had Micaela as the protagonist. On one of the steps where they had to decide which participant to climb, Micaela, one of the girls, was heard saying: “Julieta knows less, it suits us to upload it so we can continue uploading”.

Micaela eventually reached the final alongside her grandfather Alberto, but they couldn’t beat Franco and Claudio.

Precisely, Franco, 10 years old, and Claudio, an electrical appliance technician, were the ones who kept the prize. “I fix washing machines, refrigerators,” said the father. Guido asked if the washing machine always breaks. “Yes, it’s mechanical, like the car, it always breaks down,” he answered.

The 8 Steps Kids: a father and his daughter won the trip to Disney with a controversy

“I want to be a doctor,” said the young man. “Do you want to fix people?” the driver said in comparison to his mechanic father. “We could say yes,” added Francio who, like Claudio, both Boca fans.

In any case, the final was fought until the end. Moreover, they tied, they had to go to the last approximation question to break the tie, which was asked by Martín Liberman, who asked How many goals does Lionel Messi have with the Argentina National Team?. Micaela and Alberto put 58, while Franco and Claudio put 85, very close to the 86 that Messi has.

“I remembered that last year I was 70-odd, so I added more or less by counting the friendlies,” said the boy who gave the most accurate answer.

The 8 Steps Kids to pure emotion: the tears of the 12-year-old winner

How is The 8 Steps Kids

Unlike the common editions of Los 8 Escalones, where the winner gets a million pesos, in this case, the father or mother together with their son or daughter, plus another person, won a trip to Disney with three parks included.

The 8 Steps Kids: a father and his daughter won the trip to Disney with a controversy

According to rules of this program, led by Guido Kaczka and which is issued by The thirteenfirst the minor answered a question and the eldest could not help. In the second question, the father or mother answered and there could be help from the daughter or son.


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