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A day full of emotion was lived in the program of The 8 Steps Kids where the winner gets a Disney trip. In this case, the one who got the prize was Michaela, 12 years oldtogether with his mother Marisa. The minor moved everyone with her tears when she won the trip.

“I can’t believe it”The girl said excitedly, who in the last two questions managed to turn the final with her mother to take the prize against Martina and her father Ariel.

After finishing the contest, the driver Guido Kaczka told that Micaela does artistic gymnastics and when i grow up wants to be a pastry chef. Already on the first step, the minor had shown her confidence. When asked how nervous she was from 1 to 10, she was sure, she answered zero very naturally.

Micaela and Marisa, the winners of the trip to Disney.

The awkward moment when a mother could not pronounce English well

Beyond the emotion of the winner, during the contest there was a funny but awkward moment in which one of the contestants was trying to get their mother to pronounce a word correctly in English.

On the step where they had to translate words into English or other answers in that language, the children answered all the questions well. Although the older ones did too, there was a time when Nancy, Jeanette’s mother, I couldn’t pronounce “i was”.

“What is the simple past tense of the expression ‘I am’?” asked the driver. The answer was “I was”. Her daughter knew it and she told her mother, but she couldn’t pronounce it well. She said it several times mixing the words until she, before the uncomfortable laughter of those present, she finally managed it with a questionable pronunciation and with the help of his daughter who, paradoxically, wants to be an English teacher.

A River fan went to Los 8 Escalones but did not recognize Gallardo’s voice

How is The 8 Steps Kids

Unlike the common editions of Los 8 Escalones, where the winner gets a million pesos, in this case, the father or mother together with their son or daughter, plus another person, won a trip to Disney with three parks included.

The 8 Steps Kids: a father and his daughter won the trip to Disney with a controversy

According to rules of this program, led by Guido Kaczka and which is issued by The thirteenfirst the minor answered a question and the eldest could not help. In the second question, the father or mother answered and there could be help from the daughter or son.


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