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Another emotional night was lived in The 8 Million Steps who left rudolph as the winner of the award and also told his love story with his partner for 11 years.

The employee in a pharmacy and technical student for a pharmacy assistant had a path from minor to major and managed to prevail in a disputed final. Rodolfo is 35 years old, lives in Villa Lugano with his wife Nuria and his son Benicio.

“We have been together for 11 years with my wife. We agreed on a job, I worked in the pharmacy and she in another sector of the business, as a cashier. That way you work better,” said the man.

When Guido Kaczka, the host of the program that is broadcast by The thirteen, if it was love at first sight, Rodolfo replied: “It was a fine job. Chat and chat. Little word goes, little word comes. She is giving when you start laughing at the nonsense that one speaks, there it is. It’s the turning point“.

The 8 Steps Kids: a father and his daughter won the trip to Disney with a controversy

Rodolfo, the winner of The 8 Steps.

On the other hand, the winner of the contest “likes to read a lot and sleep a lot”, “I fall asleep very quickly, I am faster than Guillermo Ortelli (the Argentine pilot who was the special guest jury of the program)”, he commented with a laugh.

On what he will do with the money, he said: “I have to move yes or yes. The money is destined for that. And what is left over I am going to buy a car.” After winning, she stated that tomorrow she will compete again for the second million pesos.


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