The American basketball player can be imprisoned in this Russian prison for nine years

As previously reported by Index, the Russian prosecutor’s office requested a nine and a half year prison sentence for American basketball player Brittney Griner, who was also fined one million rubles.

Russia has since indicated that it is ready to negotiate with the United States over the basketball star’s case, but only if the Americans do not make the discussion public.

The American basketball player was arrested at the Seremetyevo airport in March because cartridges containing cannabis oil were found in his luggage.

The star of the North American professional women’s basketball league, i.e. the WNBA, Brittney Griner, is being held in an institution near Moscow, which was used as an orphanage ten years ago.

A sewing room between the harsh walls

Its artificially lit, gray-painted halls and gloomy, high walls are worthy of its bureaucratic name: Correctional Facility No. 1 or IK-1. The prison in Novoye Grishino has its own tailor shop and Russian Orthodox church.

Available video footage of the prison shows high, gray walls covered in barbed wire, old prison bars, and a rusted statue of Lenin in the middle of the courtyard, as well as a glimpse inside the sewing room where dozens of women work.

THE New York Post according to his report, the days of the detainees in the institution are quite uneventful. After waking up in the morning, all prisoners have lunch in their cells, and then a walk awaits them in the prison’s netted yard.

The rest of the day is spent reading books – Griner, for example, a translation of Dostoyevsky – or watching TV, although according to the journalist who visited the prison, all channels are in Russian.

The description also reveals that inmates can order food online and have their own refrigerator and toilet in their cells. In order not to feel “total luxury”, everyone can only shower twice a week.

Even as a visitor, it is not easy to get into the establishment, as it can take up to four hours to complete the paperwork required for entry, and then the food brought by the guests is thoroughly inspected.

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(Cover photo: Brittney Griner was questioned at the Khimki Municipal Court in Moscow on July 26, 2022. Photo: Pavel Pavlov / Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

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